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I have to say that this community is definitely nicer that the jerks over on Here, I made my case and got a lot of positive feedback. There, I made basically the same case and continued to receive excoriating remarks.
Yes, I fully intend to visit every store that opens, not just the ones that were open 12 years ago. But at least I'm only visiting company-owned stores--that cuts out a few thousand. And actually, I agree that visiting indie cafes would be really cool, but it would be extremely difficult to define a fixed goal around that idea. Part of the philosophy behind my project is to define a goal and actively pursue it, rather than just living a survival life, which is what most people in the world are doing.
OF COURSE I read Starbucks Gossip!
Actually, I did get to Northgate II, but it is on my closed stores page (there's a link on my home page). When I have time, I think I'm going to put the closed stores back on the individual city pages at the bottom, in a "closed" section.
Winter here. I would have responded sooner, but I was busy actually doing things in the real world instead of just sitting in front of the computer and trying to drag other people down. First, I'm not sad that Starbucks stores are closing. If they are doing well, great, and if not, closing make sense. But the closures do interfere with a goal I set 12 years ago, and that is what bothers me. It's as if I wanted to visit every Picasso in the world, and somebody was out there buying them up to put in a private vault. Next, to the "get a life" comments. What qualifies you to determine what is or isn't a life. Are you a great philosopher? The greatest philosophers in history have tried to answer the question of what the "good life" reaching consensus. What is it that you are doing that constitutes "a life"? Working 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year to produce widgets, or to support people who are producing widgets? Working to support children that will most likely be a drain on the environment? What are the values of those "lives"? Rather than meaningless criticism, why don't you write something meaningful about what a life should be, if you've ever even given it any thought. Same goes for the comments about "purpose". How many people have actually ever bothered to define a purpose rather than just surviving or acting on some purpose that somebody else, or some book, has defined? I've given it much thought--have you? To the people who say I should quit, why would I ever want to stop having fun? Why would I want to stop visiting new places and meeting new people? Why would I want to stop taking a photographs, an avocation that I love? Should I just sit in front of the computer for the rest of my life and comment on what others are doing? No, thank you--I'd rather be out there seeing the world, even if it is one Starbucks at a time. To clarify, I had never never issued a press release. I have no comment on whether the Starbucks experience has changed. There are pro and con arguments either way, but my mission is not about Starbucks, not about the coffee, not about their employees or labor issues. It could have been baseball stadiums or artwork or McDonald's but other people already have those covered. To the "confused" comment, what exactly am I confused about. It's easy to throw out meaningless judgements without backing them up with evidence, but that makes you no different than sleazy yellow "journalists". If you are not willing to THINK before you judge, then you should not form that opinion. To do otherwise is socially and intellectually irresponsible.