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Crown Point, Indiana
Interests: I'm an almost 60 y/o wife of 37 years, a mother of 2 grown, married girls, a grandma of 5 gorgeous grandchildren and an Iron Man Triathlete. I did my first triathlon in 2003 and got so hooked on this sport that I tell everyone I meet how wonderful and fun this is. I did my first Iron Man Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run, all in a 17 hour limit.) in 2006, finishing 3rd. in my age group, 55-59. Currently, I'm hard at training to do another Iron Distance Triathlon, on October 29th. this time we'll travel to North Carolina. I also love card making, crosstitching, reading and baking. We love taking the grandkids on vacation and camping trips. My husband and I just came back from Southern Utah and Colorado where we went for Spring Brake. I'm originally from Mexico City and so is my Husband. Are there any Triathletes out there??? if so, send me a few lines at: So long and keep the imagination juice going. Maria.
Recent Activity
Good morning, Mary: I'm a big fan of clear mount stamps. I always choose them instead of wood mount if it's offered. I haven't seen those grid guides either so, I'm going to check the catalog again. Thanks for the tip on how to keep the "cling" on the acrylic blocks. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Lovely card, the crochet trim ribbon is indeed, the perfect touch. Congratulations on all your awards at the Convention. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: WOW!! How beautiful!! The red of the Poinsettia flower really stands up against the white background. Fantastic idea for Christmas cards, even if I don't want to think of Winter just yet!!!!! Thank you, Linda. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: This fun!!!!! The "sand" looks so real and the little umbrella is just to cute. Makes me wish I was at a beach in Cabo, with "the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand....." like that Kenny Chesney song. Thanks Mary. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: This is a very pretty, clean and simple card. That's a great tip, thank you for sharing it. One more thing to love about my blender pens!! Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Lovely card!! That DSP looks like a table cloth my grandma had on her kitchen table when we went to stay with her on the long gone Summers of my childhood. It's just like that. Brought back amazing, colorful, sweet and delicious memories of her. Thank you. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: WOW!! You made this card just in time for me. A dear friend (who's also a Triathlete) is finally moving from, a little appartment to a beautiful house. She lives in Valparaiso, IN. so I'm making this beautiful card for her. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: As you can see, I got my first e-mail up date on the new address. I'm so happy!!!!! The "Penant Parade" stamp set and punch are some of my favorite things to get, both are on my wish list. I love the stamp sets that coordinate with the punches, so cool. This cards are great, love the awesome summer colors on the ice cream cone. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Beautiful cards!! that gold bow on the first one is perfect, I wonder how she did that. The second card is just beautiful, simple and elegant. Thanks to Mikki for sharing her talent. Maria.
Hello Mary: I'm so happy your stamping zone is finally complete. It's beautiful and perfect to get your creativity even more wonderful. Lots of ideas on how to improve our own stamping place. I'm also trying to rearange my craft room to make it more functional. I have two walls that right now, are taken by my Triathlon stuff, pictures of my races, medals and trophies, my grandkids ART, Beatles posters and, last but not least, Toby Keith. I will move this things to the smaller wall, because I don't want to get rid of them, and use the other wall to install shelves to put my stamping stuff. Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Enjoy your new space!!!!! Maria.
Hello Mary: This card is delicious!! This stamp set is one of the many things I have in my wish list from the new Catalog. Great idea to create a banner for the name of the recipient!! Thanks again, Mary. Maria.
Hello Mary: Oh!! I'm so glad I got the "Pun Fun" stamp set before it's gone!! It's so darn cute. I already have my wish list for the new catalog so, I'm anxiously waiting for July 1st. Take care. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Once again, you gave me an awesome idea. I needed a quick and easy thank you card for my neighbor across the street who is a Mary Kay demonstrator. She came to my house yesterday to give me, FREE!! 3 bottles of a delicious fragrance called "Lotus and Bamboo" that, unfortunately, will be discontinued. (I don't know why they do that, just like with Stampin Up!, some of the things that they get rid off are awesome) I bought some other things from her but she knew how much I liked this fragrance so she gave me this sprays as a gift. Anyway, this card you made is perfect for her and I will use the "Pretty Postage" stamp set and the punch to make this card. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Have a great weekend! Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Oh my goodness!! this cards are beautiful!! Lucky me I have this impression folders and also the Latice Bigz die. I'm going to give this a try. Thank you Mary and Ellen for sharing. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Fabulous card!! The combination of the colors is fantastic. Those brads.....Ohhh!! I got to get me some!!!!! The card is long, never seen a hand made one so, I'm wondering if there are envelopes for it. Enjoy the rest of your day! Maria.
Good morning, Mary: This is a very fun stamp set. Those pinwheels look so pretty and the DSP is just the perfect background. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: Oh, this card is so great and really simple to make!! Thanks for posting the video, somehow, it's easier for me to follow direcctions visually. Love all your 1 minute to WOW videos!! Maria.
Hello Mary: I can't wait till this is done. I'm thinking of doing some remodeling myself so, I'm sure I can get a lot of ideas from you. My craft room is not as big as yours but still is spacious and bright. I'm thinking of putting cabinets or open shelves on the North side of it, to organize better my magazines an crosstich books, etc. Be patient, it's coming along just fine. Maria.
Hello Mary: Oh my goodness!!!!! I can't pick a favorite. They are ALL fabulous. Lots to think about for my next purchase. Thank you for posting all of this amazing cards. Maria.
Hello Mary: Oh, WOW!!!!! beautiful card. I never stop being amazed! I've seen so many gorgeous creations with this stamp that I'm getting it this month along with other "goodies". Thank you Joan for sharing your talent. Maria.
Hello Mary: I love this video. It's great to have a new way to make cards and this one is fun and totally different from the usual folded in half ones. Thank you for sharing this awesome video tutorial. Maria.
Good morning, Mary: This card is, as all the ones you make, beautiful!! When I saw it I was wondering how you made the triangles to fit so perfectly so, I'm glad you gave us those tips. Love the color combination and I must say that this stamp set is gorgeous. I know you are back from your Alaska trip so, welcome back. Did you see any Bald Eagles?? Maria.
Hello Mary: This card is beautiful, love the way the stamped image is done in blue ink and then, left alone, with no color. Maria.
Hello Mary: What a beautiful daughter you have!! It's fabulous to spend some time with your family in this amazing places. That picture of the glacier is trully breathtaking!! The flowers behind you in the first picture are amazing, what is it?? it looks like an Azalea?? The color is gorgeous. Wellcome back home! Maria.
Hello Mary: I'm sure you are having a wonderful time on your trip. I'm a 100% card sender. Love, love to make cards and send them in the mail or give them at parties. The recipients of my cards keep them all, they tell me they just can't throw them away and I've seen my Christmas cards displayed year afte year. Everytime I make a card, I either take a picture or, if I have time, I make one for me, just to have a "portfolio" of all my creations. The blog candy looks delicious so, GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!! Maria.