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There has been a lot of speculation about what LeBron James will do after this season. He can become an unrestricted free agent July 1 and re-sign with the Cavs or sign with another team. The Knicks and Nets are mentioned most among potential destinations followed by the Heat, Clippers and Bulls. But what about the Lakers? Lakers? Sam Smith writes for and describes a scenario that could pair James with Kobe Bryant. Smith writes: "Going to the Lakers makes all the sense in the world, and, at least to my view, fits LeBron better than it would other players of his caliber. ... The obvious reason this never gets discussed is no one can see James hooking on with Bryant." How does LeBron get to the Lakers? Here is Smith's scenario: "The Lakers certainly have no salary cap room. They are in no position to pay James, which remains the No. 1 priority for all free agents. James just has to explain to the Cavs he's leaving. If they don't accommodate him, he's going to New York or Miami and they get nothing. But if they do in a sign and trade to save the franchise, they get a young, potential All-Star center in Andrew Bynum. Maybe Lamar Odom as well or Ron Artest. Draft picks, some pieces like Jordan Farmar. The Cavs can compete in the East with a star center and some pieces added to what they have. It's better than nothing as cap room doesn't mean anything in Cleveland. No one's going there." ``````````````````````` Who here has ESPN Insider? There's some article about LeBron being a Laker (w/o Kobe leaving) Posted by: GodsSon521 | November 05, 2009 at 05:58 PM
Albert, I'd like to have that in soft copy if you have it. can you email it to when you get a chance?
Hey Albert, thanks for the info. My mistake, I thought the international component had to do with signing with FIBA team. Regarding the second part, I think I wasn't clear in how I stated the Heat would benefit. My point is, by signing overseas for the 2009-2010, and not signing with the Heat; the Heat will have no cap hold for them for the 2010-2011 season. If they signed a contract with the Heat this year for 2009-2010, if I understand correctly, they would have a cap hold for the 2010-2011 season until signed or released/renounced.
Doggpound, Second round draft picks don't have cap holds. The benefit to the Heat of its draft picks signing overseas is that the Heat will have one more year of exclusive negotiating rights with them. Posted by: albert | August 27, 2009 at 03:51 PM Albert, I think you're incorrect, on both. Cap hold is determined by prior year's salary, and length of service. Draft position doesn't have anything to do with it. Until they are signed or renounced, they have a hold. The second point regarding exclusive rights is incorrect also, they signed to play ball overseas. Meaning, they signed a professional contract. If/when/ever they come back to the NBA, the Heat will always have first crack at them. Never expires. Arvidas Sabonis is a perfect example. Blazers held his rights for like ten years.
I actually meant a cap hold for 2010 offseason, not next year..Slight correction to my previous post.
Ira, You are missing the HUGE benefit for the Heat in having both picks going overseas. The Heat will have no cap hold on either player next year and still retain their rights. Neither guy was going to contribute this year anyway, this is a huge bonus if you ask me. Granted, their cap hold would have been fairly minor, a million or two max.....but remember, it took Anthony Carter not opting in for a few million that lead to a championship for the Heat. With the salary cap going down, EVERY dollar will mattter. ~Doggpound
Sorry, didn't see Lamar, my apologies
I'd boost swap Thunder Dan and Mashburn. Thunder Dan was never scared, and rarely made a bad play. Mashburn was always scared, but still made some good plays. I'd also put Anthony Carter in the top 10, but with an asterisk. Without him, there is no 2006 championship. And Ricky Davis and Rafer but no Lamar? Lamar was rock solid playing for the Heat, barring SVG inexplicable reluctance to play D-Wade in the 4th quarter of some of those Pacer playoff games they would have been in the East Finals.