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thats the pik n popz i was talkin about..datz all he has... hes 2 short. horrendous defender..n he does not compliment wade @ all! wen have u ever seen arroyo beat his man off the dribble 4 n ez layup!? never bcuz he cant! hes 2 1 dimensional!hes not better then chalmers..i'd even take quin over him.
im puerto rican n carlos aroyo is horrendous!!he can't defend! he can'T beat his man off the dribble! he can't shoot! n he does not run the team very good!i rather carlos arroyos minutes go 2 quinn.good outside shooter he atleast stretches the court 4 wade penetrations. aroyos good @ pick n popz...but datz it he does not make playz
ira carlos arroyo does not run the team dat good..he does not put his team his team in position 2 succeed. he just pounds da ball. he had sum good pick n pops. but hes got 2 manage the game better.
haslem was not abused my DIRK AT ALL!!...maybe the first 2 games the mavs won!!but everyone looked bad those 2 games...the 4 games miami won haslem held nowitzki n check!he was sensational!!if nowitzki did score alot..look how many shots it took him 2 get der... ~D.Nowitzki nba finals06~ gm1 4-14=16pts gm2 8-18=26pts gm3 9-20=30pts gm4 2-14=16pts gm5 8-19=20pts gm6 10-22=29pts p.s all those points r not accounted 4 haslem...if u truly look back at da series..haslem gave him the most problemz!so stop bashing haslem n understand dat he does wut is asked of him!!!gO ud!
den u did'nt watch the game...cuz he was clutch!! 2 say he we woulda won without him is ludacris.. ~championship game~ 17ptz 10rbz 2stealz
yea datz all great...but all those players u mention were asked 2 score 20+..udonis haslem plays his role...does the little things that dont show up in da stat sheet...n like i said we dont win the champion ship with out him..he was huge on dirk...huge in the final minutes
u guys r crazy haslem easily deserves # 7..u can make da case he should be in the top 5!!we don't win the champion without him..he was huge in his defense,rebounding and clutch shots...the man has averaged 8+rebounds,and shot 50% over his career! what more do u want???