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I was at the game. Good Lindpere is an animal all over the field and very smart.. Oh and he scored the lone goal.... Rheam is very good. Very composed and smart as well. He broke up so many tackles.. Watching on TV doesn't give justice to how well these two guys did. Outside backs made some great runs. Red Bulls need to use them a lot more. They are starting to use them a little, but I think the coach is definitely going to drill it in their heads... Bad Kanji, was piss poor. Holding the ball too much in his own and and in the midfield. Then passing or not shooting when he had the chance in the Fire final 3rd. I would have pulled him at half or near the 60 minute... Sinisa in my opinion should be on the bench.. They need a creator to partner with Lindpere. This guy is far from it. Angel looked rusty and slow. I hope its the injury.
Section 125. We have a group of 11 with season tickets. I only went to 1 MetroStars game about 7 or 8 years ago and never went back.. This is night and day compared to Giants Stadium.... Parked at Seabra's in the Ironbound and stayed until close after the game... The walk from Ironbound to stadium is about 10-15 min.. I've never seen the Red Bulls play like that. hard, smart spread the ball. With Angel back next week we should be even better. Only player I was really disappointed with was Sinisa Ibapovic (whatever his name is) plays too slow, not really great vision. I think they need to get him out of the lineup..
I think AC Milan should tell Gooch to talk to Donovan and they should put him on the left flank.
Guy is an enigma. He can look like a world beater one minute then look like he has the smarts of a U-8 rec player the next. I would love for this guy to regain his form. I'm rooting for you Eddie. Maybe all he needed was a challenge to be put in front of him to wake him up, who knows.
Props to our boys. Today for me was bittersweet. Valiant effort by everyone and it was almost like we were playing with house money so who cares. But, when your up 2-0 at half and lose, WTF. I'm not going to kill anyone giving the fact I realize how far US Soccer has come. Coming for a guy who remembers the 90 world cup team, a bunch of college rag tags and grew up watching the Cosmos play at Giant's stadium. And to see us take it to Brazil in the first half was a proud moment for soccer in this country. But imagine if we would of won this game... Soccer has come a long way.. the guys themselves and our country should be proud these guys are truly pioneers. Great - Dempsey, Howard, Donovan, Onyewu Very Good - Spector, Demerit, Bradley, Davies, Altidore Ok - Clark, Boca, Bornstein, Guzan Need work - Beasley, Casey, Klejstan
I was watching in my basement with my two year old daughter and I scared her when Jozy scored. I screamed at the top of my lungs. And she said "daddy, you scared me." I said that is because our team just scored a goal. She said " goaalllllll" Props to Onyewu and the whole squad. Even Clark, who I've been down on was impressive. I watched the game twice already.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on USA 2, Spain 0: Watch it again at Soccer By Ives
That's the best lineup we've put out there thus far. I think we are going to surprise Spain a bit. I hope we don't give away a stupid goal in the fist 10 minutes though.
I admit, I was one the people clamoring for Bob's head. I guess I can eat my words now but I am stil not sure he is throwing out his best team. Rico Clark is killing me. I know he might cover a lot of ground but he loses a lot of balls and rarely demands the ball. His best move is the throw the shoulder one way and go the other way with the ball. If our center mids are not constantly demanding the ball what good are they. Also, not sure we have a set agenda in the attacking end and a lot of the guys seem to be trying to do different things. Target FWD bump it back vs. through diagonal balls. Build up vs. service from our wide backs. Way too many long balls over the top in my opinion, which are lost and then the opposition keeps attacking us. Maybe we just need more time with this group together. Oh, Bornstein a fav of Bradley is mediocre at best. Problem is he still might be our best option at this point. Just my thoughts. We need to stop getting Red Cards too. Studs up tackles in front of the ref will get you tossed anywhere. Why do it??
Wow, is it me or does everyone feel like where is our A team after this announcement. I doubt we'll get 1 point. After a few injuries now we really see the lack of depth with our National Team. Adu, Beaz, Pearce, Feilhaber these guys aren't just not starting for their club teams, they either play little or not at all. WTF.
Mastroeni's time in my opinion should be done with the National Team. He looked slow and confused the other night. Like an old boxer trying to hold on for one more fight. Move on Bob. And I loved this guy for the last 6 years. Beaz has to take a seat too. How can you play him when he isn't even playing with his club team. Sorry. Need to start Torres. AND NOT TAKE HIM OUT AT HALF. He has a sick touch. Just needs to be more assertive in the attack. Too many back passes the other night. I'd move him towards the middle of the pitch. Oh and why the hell is Dempsey playing on the right when in the PREMIER League he plays on the left, makes no sense to me. Bob, I'm beginning to feel uneasy here. Here's my lineup. ------ Altidore ----- Davies--- Dempsey-----Torres---Clarke----Donovan--- Bornstein---- Boca----- Onyewu----Specter Howard