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Ives, thanks for the info all year. Looking forward to Red Bull Arena and at least a knockout round performance from the nats in 2010.
Can someone explain to me what "hybrid model" means, as in The Red Bulls are a hybrid between a typical MLS and European club in terms of how they operate? Also I watched Stover on the post-game show yesterday and he intimated that the fact that their season was really bad (as opposed to mediocre) will perhaps make it easier for them to make changes to the way that RB operates. But he did not explain this more fully. I can understand why he might not want to say (he wouldnt want to piss off Salzburg), but can someone (Ives?) translate for me? What changes might we expect vs. the status quo aside from personnel? I believe him insofar as RB not selling. Makes absolutely no sense to me at this point. The sunk costs in the stadium are massive and cannot be recovered right now. Salzburg may be aloof but they are not stupid, they have built an awesome global brand. Soccer is different, sure, but still..what they need to be reminded is that NY is a truly massive potential market for them and they risk truly alienating existing fans if they keep it up.
Baloosh-- Its WHOM does cooper have to bone. Cheers, Deets.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2009 on USA 4, Grenada 0: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Henry J Beans -Chelsea, London. I'm just here for work but was told that it would work.
And another thing. While it wasnt surprising to see the incredulous posts re: Klestian and DMB starting (before the game started) they were nonetheless totally on the mark. Smart peeps you SBI posters!
DMB, thank you for your service as a national team player. Sux I know. I got fired once. With time you will gain perspective. Kindest personal regards Dieter
And another thing. A big part of why Harkes seems so bad is that Ives' analysis and insight (prior to this game especially) is so good. Great work Ives.
Off topic, but one element of the US 'team' severely lacking is John Harkes. Sick of his self-absorbed blather and absence of serious analysis or commentary (not to mention inability to pronounce MASTRO-ENI). Surely I can't be alone....