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HERE'S IS SOME REAL PROVEN SHIT: You wanted rumors: Rondo, Ray to Phoenix 7 Et tu, Larry? ----LAKERS RELATED 5 We can thank Clifford Ray for Dwight Howard---LAKERS RELATED 5 Live Celtics Games on the Web? 4 The Candy Man------LAKERS RELATED 4 Who Has The Better Anti-Kobe T-Shirt?-----LAKERS RELATED 4 You knew someone would re-voice a puppet commercial-----KOBE RELATED 4 Oh those meddling Maloofs 4 KG Guarantees Titles in 2010, 2011 4 Two States Like Orlando's Chances Tonight----LAKERS RELATED We can thank Clifford Ray for Dwight Howard ----LAKERS RELATED Denver literally caught a bad break ----LAKERS RELATED NBA Refs are officially embarrassing ----LAKERS RELATED Look Who Showed Up ------LAMAR ODOM----LAKERS RELATED Nike's gonna need new puppets -----KOBE LAKERS RELATED Gasol Calls Kobe a Ball Hog....Kinda ----LAKERS RELATED How the Celtics can beat the Lakers again ----LAKERS RELATED I Love Dahntay Jones!! -----KOBE LAKERS RELATED Wow-----ALL LAKERS EVERYDAY, 24/7----that's why...I say...THE LAKERNATION OWN THIS SHIT!!!!!
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THIS IS OUR BLOG!!!! WE OWNED THIS SHIT TOO!!! tell me idots, what do you most see on this blog.....LAKERS.....KOBE MVP....LAMAR THE CANDYMAN....BOM BOM PAU.....ANDREW BYNUM AND his playbunnies....come on stop living in denial...after sunday, 6/7/09....count on it....LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS...ha ha ha....WE OWNED THIS SHIT!!!!
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Key word: "IF".....luv it!!!!!
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Yessss! THELAKESHOW, even thou this is the boston SuckDicks shitty site, it is ironic that WE (THE LAKER NATION) are ALWAYS able to find stuff to read and laugh at about our LAKERS even thou alot are negative, it is still FUN! Hey LAKESHOW you would not find these shit at ANY of our LAKERS BLOGS! NEVER! We can see that REDSARMY is all on the LAKERS NUTTS!!! That's why I say to you redsarmy and staff: THESE NUTTS IN YALL MOUTH!!! and those basketBALLS on this front shitty sites, you guys choke on those balls, those LAKER BALLS!!! ha ha ha *****GOOD ARTICLES, KEEP IT UP***** >>>>>>>> GO LLLLLAAAAKKKKEEEERRRRSSSS<<<<<<<<<
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