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The Diamond in the Window
I'm a reader with two children.
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Thank you! I feel now that I am not just a voice in the wilderness. Doesn't this seem like a huge and common misunderstanding? Also...vital?
Yes, reaching for a book instead of one's phone, with its endless stream of terrifying news, is an amazing and wonderful thing. That was such an engrossing book! And truly, you should read The Changeling, except that it will melt your brain. But it is amazing.
Oooh! Yes! And also, maybe, The Round House, by Louise Erdrich? And I apologize for my "wait, Native American fiction!" reflex, but The Round House is excellent and so much about the difficulties of friendship.
Ooh, thank you! I almost forgot I asked that, and now I will request it at the library.
Maybe I put it too harshly? I mean, I feel that is what all kids face: their families breaking up, and being human, and sick, and frail. Which seems brutal to me, how different things are from how we wish they were, or from what we expect. Sometimes I don't see the difference between reality and brutal reality, I think. They are linked, like the wine-dark sea.
These are excellent and interesting options. I hope she gets all of them.
Ooh, Ragtime! Emma Goldman craziness! That is an excellent idea.
Oh my God, the idea of the Invisible Library is very soothing to me.
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Yes, but it also feels like yet another loss, one that cant really be borne.
Yes! Montaigne is weirdly reassuring right now. All evidence that times can be terrible, and that doesnt mean panic is the only option.
Thank you. And thank you for your beautiful angry posts on your excellent blog, which are helping me right now.
I hear you that love is not enough. And I'm not suggesting that those who voted for Trump don't have love. Just that the politics he espoused during the campaign seemed focused on hate and fear primarily, that's all. Not making (in this piece anyway) judgments on the people, on policies and rhetoric only.
This would be, to me, the best possible thing I can imagine. If this works, you must tell the rest of us about it I think.
For some reason, this made me think of that special drink the doctors make for Pauline in Ballet Shoes when she is sick. So comforting!
Yes! Oh, with the salt and pepper for the boiled egg in twists of waxed paper! I loved that!
This was the nicest, nicest thing to see. Thank you!
I do that all the time, but it is not helping me right now (though it is very nice of you to say so).
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I do not know. Maybe go back to something you've loved loved? Maybe get luckier than we have any right to expect? I only wish I knew. I am persevering through the book I do not love, hoping that somehow I will emerge on the other side energized and new.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2016 on Forsaken at The Diamond in the Window
Maybe it's the weather? Maybe we can block out both the presidential election AND the weather by eating lots of ice cream, and then we would certainly enjoy our books more. This seems possible, right?
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2016 on Forsaken at The Diamond in the Window
Thank you!
Thank you, Siri! It's very kind of you to comment, especially when you had to delurk to do it. I very much appreciate it.
Thanks, Sarah.
Oops! Fixed, I think. And thank you! And sorry! On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 9:46 AM, The Diamond in the Window wrote: Arrggh! Hold on!
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