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I just a wrote a letter to the editor two weeks ago about people driving with small dogs on thier laps. My point has been made.
And no one else votes? We are not discussing voting, we are discussing the safety of our drivers. If you recall, the voting turned out was at a record high this year, so unless we have a boom in seniors, seniors are not the only group of people voting. You are ok with one of your family members getting hurt or killed because an elderly person accidentaly pushed the wrong pedal?
It should be mandatory that elderly people TAKE the driving test and not just have thier renewal done by mail. 75 would be a good age, yes their reactions are too slow, they drive with two feet and get the pedals mixed up. The are a real danger to the public and do kill people. What's worse is they feel the need to buy the biggest darn cars out there, not sure why. Seniors driving tanks, too slow, can't hear and if that is the case, stay off the road for safety's sake, theirs and ours.
She is obviously naive and probably called off the engagement because of parent's and friends pressure to get the truth through her head. Come on women,let's be smarter than that!