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Pete great stuff... is quickly becoming my most visited website. This is like what you did @ the paper, on steroids. The facility tours, the interviews with coaches, the "out of the cage" features... the variety and quality of work is top notch. Thanks I probably won't be back in Miami in time for the game, did you receive my score? GO FIU!!!
Oh... FIU 40 Maryland 14 I ain't playin.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on It's Gonna Happen at FIU Panthers Prowl
Its going to happen, but it should've happened already! SunBelt champs or bust! Congrats to the team for putting another stellar effort. My jaw dropped when I saw the final score and stat line. I'm looking forward to Maryland, heck even PITT! We're going to beat Maryland, University of Coral Gables is going to get clobbered by PITT, and then we're going to go to their house and beat Wanstach & Co. Pete, what's your perspective on that? If UM loses to PITT, and then FIU beats them... how would the national media, local media, and UM's bandwagon fan base react. Your thoughts? I think its a good chance to bring FIU Alumni that are UM fans back to our house.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on It's Gonna Happen at FIU Panthers Prowl
FIU is going to win one of our OOC games... could've been against Rutgers ARRRRR With that said: FIU 24 Texas A&M 17 How about "Golden Picks", to honor our original "Golden Panthers" name? How about a different name every week, lol seriously. That would be fun, we all suggest a name along with our score and then whoever gets their suggested name picked receives free club season tickets.
Yes I was wondering the same thing as "WhosHouse". Will you be allowed to be openly critical of any team? Good to see the stadium upgrades. Things get done when you when the conference. lol Great job on the video. Just a couple of suggestions, if I may... 1- Perhaps it would be more "professional" to post underneath the FIUAthletics account in YouTube instead of your personal one? Don't know if you did that in order to render a more "personal" approach to the blog? 2- A "sign off" at the end of the video would be a nice touch. Something unique, like your own signature signoff! "This is Pete Pelegrin reporting for FIUSports/ThePrawl (or whatever), until next time...ROAAAAARRRRRR!" Like a Shrek Roar (
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2010 on They're Building It at FIU Panthers Prowl
You have a gym membership Pete?!!? =) Welcome back =)
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2010 on Welcome to The Prowl at FIU Panthers Prowl
Hey MIA/NY Josh...I need NOT remind you that when FIU played #2 USF not too long ago, we didn't roll over. We came out SPEWING fire and ready for the upset. We nearly won, but lost by one AT USF's house. This year's team is much improved from the team that nearly pulled off the upset of the year. If FIU brings their A game, and UF underestimates us just like USF did, then anything, ANYTHING, is possible.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on MC Q&A Part 2 at FIU Panthers Prowl
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