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Every one of those six goals were excellent
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on Messi's latest masterpiece at Soccer By Ives
If the USSF is opening up sales to the general public does this mean that they anticipate all of USSC (priority) applications will be successful? I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes down to all of this...I'm a part of an impending USSC application as a guest, and am a little uneasy not knowing what our/my chances are of having a successful application (especially since I already bought my airfare)
I think the best compromise would be NFL-style system where there is free agency but only the signing bonus portion of the contract is guaranteed. If an agent is good, he will get his player what he is worth through that system. Perhaps it would be a nice bone to throw the union to maybe only allow the bottom 20 percentile of MLS wage earners to receive guaranteed contracts as it would provide a nice safety net for the underpaid (and it wouldn't dent MLS as badly compared to having a few Chan Ho Park-esque contracts floating around MLS) but having all MLS contracts guaranteed could get ugly. For MLS it is a bad, bad idea. It's bad for MLB and it's bad for the much wasted money it's sickening
I don't see why Bradley would feel the need to be dishonest about it if he didn't really rate Torres. Maybe I'm naive, but judging by the comments it sounds like Bradley is taking the long view, he doesn't want him to burn out by the time WC 2010 comes around. It sounds like he has plans for him, that eases my concerns a bit.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on Bradley discusses Torres at Soccer By Ives
Twellman will obliterate Moreno's goal record if he stays in MLS for the rest of his career
Mexico has 4 games at Azteca left, they are nearly unstoppable at home. They will pick up the pieces and qualify. I would like to see ES and Honduras tie this wednsday, that would give the US some decent breathing room before the inevitable Aztec romping we will receive.
what a hell hole
With Spain's opponents being South Africa, Iraq and New Zealand: I will set the over/under on goals in group play at 10 and take the over. It's scary to think that team is going to play New Zealand with it's quartet of fringe MLS players.