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Springfield, NJ
Level 8 boring mom-blogger. Nothing but craft projects and pictures of my kids, folks.
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Island....Forbidden Island. Please don't tell my kids.
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Last night I spent 2 hours with my sons playing Munchkin. We were a family that never seemed to expand our gaming beyond Sunday night Settler's and thanks to some sparked interest from watching Tabletop, we have been playing a lot of new games. Growing up in a home where games involved torn Monopoly money or shoving pink and blue pegs into plastic Life cars, I never enjoyed board games. Winning felt random and the game usually ended when my little sister would start to lose and promptly shove the game board off the table and tell Mom we were all cheating....not something I felt a nostalgic desire to re-create with my own kids. My 16 year old has been asking me to buy Ticket to Ride and I resisted because it's a 50 dollar game, Yo. When we saw that you were part of a web show that played games and one of them was Ticket, I watched so I could see if it was a game I'd get him for his birthday or something. I went out and bought it the next morning, we were playing it by lunch. Then we played it again. Then we watched another episode of Tabletop to see if you knew about any more cool games...... I look towards my dining room table now and see Forbidden Planet, Munchkin, Flux, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples and yesterday's addition: "Small World. " I know we have Bohnanza and Pandemic coming soon from Amazon and it all makes me smile. We are having such a great summer and my teenagers and I are talking again, just like we use to when they were small and I needed them to help me win Zelda. Thank you, Tabletop, and all of those involved for your show. It's not only entertaining as hell, but it has helped usher in evenings of laughter and fun here in our little household. Thank you.
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