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Aspen ,CO
Interests: Kayaking, Skiing, Mountain biking, Reading.
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Did research, still just smoke and mirrors and accusations. No smoking needle there. Allegations are not proof. Proof is proof, show it to me.
Sorry I must have missed the part where Armstrong actually tested positive for doping or was actually convicted of something. As far as I know Lance has only been accused of doping by self-admitted liars. Oh wait, I forgot it's a conspiracy promulgated by Lance and the anti-doping agency. Right!
The man is a hero.
Sorry that should be "you're" an idiot and a liar.
jef Your an idiot and a liar.Tim DeChristopher is a hero,he might be in jail temporarily but you will always be an ignorant dumbass.
But will Lorenzo be there?
Toggle Commented May 10, 2010 on Win a Free Weekend in Aspen at The Outside Blog
What's with all the freakin' PBR? You know in Aspen they actually sell real beer, hell we even make some. I assume that somewhere in Vail they sell something that has some flavor to it and maybe even a little alcohol. Perhaps you should be as demanding of your libation as your ski partner. Glad you enjoyed some Colorado powder. Y'all come back soon.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on Ski-Bum Bliss In Vail at The Outside Blog
Re: Bryan Jace Blah,blah blah blah ad nauseum.“Terrorism is a premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetuated against noncombatant targets by groups usually intending to influence an audience or bring about political change.” Sorry but the whalers are not non-combatants, they are the soldiers of Japaneses stubbornness and arrogance. Watson takes great effort to make sure none of them are physically harmed. He is taking direct action to stop the slaughter of these wonderful animals, putting himself between them and the killers. Accusing us of cultural hubris is also BS. The Earth's environment belongs to us all, when it is harmed or destroyed we all suffer. Is it cultural hubris to oppose genital mutilation, slavery, child prostitution? Those things are not just manifestations of cultural diversity, they are crimes against humanity and nature.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Forum: Hunting Whales at The Outside Blog
Yeah not like it's earth (or ego) shattering to have my girlfriend pass me skiing, kayaking, or mtn biking (up) something, the first two she teaches for a living, course she's not heavy enough to catch me on the downhill.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on Guys Getting Chicked at The Outside Blog
Thank Dog for Colorado's Skier's Safety Law, (skiing is inherently dangerous it is your responsibility to stay safe)it keeps assholes like this from screwing it up for everybody else, hopefully West Virginia has similar legislation.