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FIU has been outscored 187-23 in the first four games. In a week full of blowouts, the thrashing FIU took at the hands of Louisville is the worst of all of them, and here is why: FIU beat this Louisville team two years ago (in Louisville), and lost to them last year (here at home) 28-21, a game in which they led 14-7, and ended up falling behind when their starting QB got hurt. This team went to two bowl games under Coach Mario Cristobal, and had a bad season last year. There was no reason to fire Cristobal after one bad season. He was fired because of a personality conflict with Garcia. Garcia and his merry band of "yes-men" have sent this program on a downward spiral and all FIU alumni and students should be up in arms that this man has been allowed to run roughshod. As David Neal posted in his blog a few days ago, Garcia is owed a retention bonus of $72,504 dollars on October 15th. If Garcia's contract is terminated without cause before October 15, FIU would owe Garcia $362,527. If running this program into the ground, if not being able to raise sufficient $$, if past mistakes in hiring, past bad behavior, and other miscellaneous infractions do not constitute "just cause", then why even put that into a contract? I am 100% positive that the powers that be at FIU are looking through the contract with a magnifying glass and going over it with a fine-toothed comb. I am also certain that it would be very, very, difficult for anyone to justify and explain paying Garcia a retention bonus. How embarrassing would that be? Garcia has dug his own grave, and the FIU hierarchy is headed in the same direction if they do not fire Garcia. Bring Mario Cristobal back as the athletic director, surround him with quality administrators with top-notch scholastic backgrounds, the ability to fundraise, and, more importantly, with ties to FIU and the South Florida community.
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Dr. Rosenberg: Here it is in a nutshell: 1: Bring back Mario Cristobal as the new AD. He should be the face of this athletic program. 2. Promote former player James Knapp as Asst. AD to handle academic issues with these athletes and fundraising. It isn't OK just to kick players off the team. Unfortunately, that is the easy way out. You have to be able to work with these kids and make sure you get them on the straight and narrow. 3. If you don't want to fire him, demote Garcia like you did former AD Rick Mello and you can just keep him in charge of the Food and Wine Festival and other insignificant tasks and make him report to Cristobal. 4. Hire someone whose only task to make sure that 100% of football and basketball games are broadcast on real radio, along with select baseball games. Continuing to ignore radio is another one in a long line of mistakes and poor decisions by Garcia. These moves will help get asses in the seats and put the athletic program on the right path once again.
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ABSOLUTELY LOVE Herb Alpert and Route 101. Great album. Back to the subject at hand. Garcia cost FIU more than that in one day last season while the team plane sat on the tarmac for over four hours, a self-inflicted situation that Garcia brought on to himself. I don't know what "without cause" means, but I'm sure that taking the athletic program where he has taken it over the last few years would probably constitute "just cause".
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How about taking this a little more seriously and make sure that the next coach is a person that brings integrity, hard work, and a good ethics to the job, to go along with a good football background? We all know that Coach Cristobal has those qualities and should not have been let go. We also need to concentrate on letting the powers that be at Camp Mitch that some housecleaning is in order at the top of the athletic department. All the hard work that Coach Cristobal and his staff put in so that this program may continue to grow is rapidly going down the drain, thanks to the situation that the AD, or whatever his title is, has put FIU in. The AD needs to really clean up his act quickly. The president of FIU cannot turn a blind eye to this any longer.
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There is definitely a lot more than just W-L here. This athletic program is lacking leadership at the top. If you followed this team the last few years, the coaches have worked miracles with limited resources and support. If you are going to take all the credit and accept all the accolades for any successes you have, the responsibility of their shortcomings and failures should fall squarely on the shoulders of the athletic director. How many coaches are they going to have to fire before someone higher up figures this out?
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Pete, any word on radio? I miss listening to Jerry of the castle on the broadcasts. I've heard him and he does speak perfect english. Any chance he would be interested in returning to the FIU broadcasts? Let's face it, the last few years of broadcasts have been bad, to say the least.
SI suggests that UM drop football. Yaaaaaaaawn! Does anyone even subscribe to that rag that did not do it for the subscription offers to fans of the teams that win championships?
Get over it with the Marlins playing spring games (exhibitions) with the Yankees before they open the new baseball park. The first opening day is still the first opening day. The Houston Astros opened the Astrodome with exhibition games vs. the Yankees, and all other MLB stadiums have had exhibition games played there. Joe Robbie Stadium had exhibition games before they played their first regular season game both in baseball and in football. Stop trying to create a controversy where there is none.
Just want to understand the way it works...three college-age men go to a bar in the Bahamas and meet a couple of women at the bar that are drinking, partying, carrying on, and making out with each other, and they invite the men to go to their rooms. This is rape?
It took th entire season and TWO managers to finally admit that this wasn't a playoff team. Great job in stocking the bullpen and the bench. Now that we know that Dombrowski hoodwinked them in the Cabrera trade, can we just cut our losses already? Firing Fredi was an injustice, and not retaining Edwin now would be even more unjust. How about giving the guy a chance to manage with a full deck? Loria and Samson should neither be seen or heard when it comes to baseball decisions. They should learn from the Miami Heat owner who puts his money where his mouth is, and leaves the baseball decisions to Beinfest and Mike Hill! MLB should "encourage" them to sell the team to a real owner, the sooner the better.
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Wassup! Glad to see you are back on the "prowl". Will be following your insight all season long. Keep up the good work.
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