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Good move Colangelo. Wow, a team with depth. We're sure this is the Toronto Raptors we're talking about here right? Glen didn't have to give up a first round pick till the end of time to clear that salary room did he? Oh ya, its Bryan! The difference a good GM makes. Triano has a nice roster to prove himself as a NBA coach with, on paper.
RE: no taste in the hierarchy for trading Bosh. Wasn't the feeling the same on renouncing all the free agents to grab a Turkoglu just a week or so ago? I wouldn't be so quick to rule out any possibilities.
SO.... Currently the Raps look like: PG Calderon SG ???? DeRozan starts as a rook? SF Turkoglu PF Bosh C Bargnani Rotation: Reggie Evans Humphries Ukic Banks Depth is a concern. I like the idea of spreading the floor, maybe playing without a conventional 2 with Calderon, Turk, Bosh, Bargnani and Evans in there for a presence under the basket. I'm worried about those minutes without Calderon. Ukic shows flashes but will he bring any consistency? They definetly have to add 1-2 wing players, hopefully some decent ones slip through and are willing to come to Toronto at the minimum. That could be wishful thinking, many of those players could have lots of options of places to go to play for the minimum. I'm wondering if this isn't a pre-cursor to a Bosh trade, or at least an exploration of the possibility. If they could get a nice package with a starting 2 or 6th man to complement DeRozan and someone to play 4 that would be decent, better than losing him next year and would build a team around Turkoglu, Calderon and Bargnani. Bosh to Houston for Scola, Battier and Brooks + throw-ins to balance the salaries. I think that type of deal would instantly make the Raptors a better team (if Houston would do it), Scola can make up for Bargnani's defiency under the hoop, Battier can play solid D and eat minutes at the 2-3, and Brooks would bring a lot of energy behind Calderon. You have Turkoglu to take Bosh's place as that guy taking the key shots. The Raps would instantly be a top half of the Eastern Conference team with that type of deal IMO, a tough team with depth, shooters, crashers and bangers, if its possible, I'm sure Doug will let me know.
Any chance the Raptors bring in an undrafted guy like Dionte Christmas out of Temple? He is a 2-3 that can score, might be a player with some seasoning. Someone smart like the Spurs will probably sign him.