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Rereading my essay above ^^ (LOL) I was reminded of the term "busy work" as opposed to plain ole work. And the connotations of the term "busy work". It's mainly useless things you are doing in order to look like you are doing something -- as opposed to WORK, which is actually doing something that moves forward a goal or objective. I am seeing your Get To Work Book project as a product that will strip away the falseness of the "busy work" and get the person using it to ACTUAL work. Actual work takes real effort - mental or physical or both. Busy work just fills time.
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I've been griping about the glorification of busy for the last 10 years. Maybe it's bc in the scrapbooking world, I interact online with a lot of Moms with kids who need ot constantly justify how they spend their time? I don't know. But I have found it super irritating. Them: I'm busy! Too busy! So busy!! Me: Well I gotta full time job with an hour+ commute each way in bad traffic, daily, and I still gotta go grocery shopping, do my laundry, walk my dog, try and clean this house, and try and make some food... But I'm not BUSY, ugggh. One thing I have noticed (totally anecdotal here) -- the men I know NEVER glorify busy. They never hold it up as some kind of standard. They never use it to try and make themselves look important. They might say, sorry I didnt get back to you, we had a crazy weekend. But they don't say "I know I need to paint the garage but I am just SO BUSY." I had the same irritation when I was in graduate school. Classmates: I need an extension! I'm busy! So busy! I couldn't get it all done, I am too busy! How did you do it? Do you have easy classes?? Me: NO I DON'T. I have the hardest 2 classes in this whole degree program right now. I got my BA when there was no internet. We can do this entire project and all the research from home using the internet! Do you even realize how easy that is??? Come on. It's due today so it's called I pulled an all-nighter. It's finals week. Didn't you go to college??? A deadline is a deadline. I've seen you on Facebook all evening talkng about how you are trying to watch Doctor Who and knit a scarf while putting together this presentation. Busy, my @ss. Judgemental Girl is Judgemental. Anyway, I have a lot of projects I am in the middle of right now. But I don't feel busy - not just bc I like what I am doing, but also bc none of it is "required". Painting my dining room and office is for me. Not a boss or a client. I am digitizing an archival collection for a local archives at home right now. I have a month, which is plenty of time. I am doing it bc I want to do it. I kind of feel like "busy" means stuff you cannot get out of. Like, if you have 3 kids in activities and you have to drive them to all of them, that's busy. Trying to finish binge watching The Walking Dead is not "busy". Ok, my thoughts are not as well formatted as yours. I could edit this and make it better but.. I can't. Busy.
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I don't know that I have much to say about this one. Smelly stuff! I love it! I am not into lotions. I rarely wear lotion. But I love love love bath gel. Bath & Body Works is very sudsy, which I like a lot. My favorite scents are Japanese... Continue reading
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Jumping off my recent post about the ant farm... because of working in the nature museum... I love snakes. Leroy here lives at The Grove Nature Center in Glenview IL If you are screaming on the inside and your skin is crawling, I don't blame you at all. I felt... Continue reading
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One of the reasons I love taking care of my old photos and sharing them is because they frequently come along with funny stories. I recently posted this photo on Facebook and then... I had to tell this story -- about the Ants and how they orchestrated an ESCAPE. ...the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2015 at mishie loves
I've had desks before. I was very excited, at age 13, when we moved into my grandfather's home and I not only got my own room for the first time, but I discovered a little table he put in there for me to use as a desk! But as an... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2015 at mishie loves
Hi and thanks for stopping by. So here I am at the beginning. The beginning of this blog, this time, here and now. There are a zillion reasons to have a blog... and a zillion reasons to not have a blog. A few years ago I was inspired by a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2015 at mishie loves