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Second that. We have no reason to trust this team for wins yet. Looking forward to a few more, but not convinced
Yeah... With salazar blowing the whistle on questionable plays (read dives), i think the players retaliated with stronger emotions and scufffles
Too many free kicks conceeded in the timbers half. I have to agree with Keller, pains me to as a former sounder, but he is spot on.... Timbers lacked the experience to finish this one off in style. Nail biter for sure. Salazar didn't help with all the ticky tack calls in the midfield... His whistle added to the physical note the game ended on.
Sean Connery agrees with turd ... and with Trebek's mom.
Nagbe showed better holding and distribution than cooper, then he scored with a header.... COOP, can you please do the same? Stop trying to get calls and play the game. After that performance by nagbe, I think we need to see him and perlazza up front.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2011 on Timbers roll past Revolution at Soccer By Ives
Class act. Somos Timbers. This is the first time I've heard about knee surgery. quite awhile ago and he is obviously recovered.
Looks like zusi blew one over the bar due to a mine
Jozy and
Did anyone mention that Dempsey looked offsides? That extra dribble that donovan took almost cost us a goal. Dempsey was open.
For Henry, the timbers game was a good summary of his character and playing style. He was an aloof, quitting on through balls, discreetly fouling... and finally not so discreetly, getting caught. Straight red for intimidation and a not so friendly whack on moffats dome. That being said, he played with Passion, lifted the level of play, and finished with class. This was a pleasure to watch from section 107. Stephen Keel own goal was nice as well. As for the reffing. I'm not convinced they were that far off. Red Bulls were overly aggressive and frequently getting burnt by alhassan and co. We all know Portland is good in the air... red bulls came out trying to dominate that. When you can't beat them, of course you'll scrap for any advantage. Henry and lindpere did and they were booked. Want to improve the reffing? Add replay. Be the first league to step into the 21st century.
Suprisingly, seattle has been much more dangerous on free kicks. Maybe i'm just worried being a ptfc supporter
You mean the house of pain?
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 7 at Soccer By Ives
PTFC's Nagbe has a calm on the ball that is uncharacteristic for a kid his age. He was pounded on a few times by Dallas,, at first w/o calls, but then got some helpful free kicks in the FCDallas half. By now the MLS should know that Portland is a great team in the air and balanced with pace. Now they just need to solidify the D and maintain intensity.
Napoleon, your comment about Dempsey is so right on. All of the top players are coming off long hard seasons, why aren't they lacking? to address the comment that Dempsey seems to have a riff with BB. This could be true based on his play...except BB starts him every game! Put Adu and Torres in. If not to win a game or to bring excitement to a match... to change the way the USMNT plays soccer. lets hold the ball through the midfield with MB, Torres, and Adu. The 'solid' defense also contributes to this teams lack of control. The solid D that has given up 6 goals in the last 2 matches needs to hold and swing until we find some positioning in the opposing teams half, then feed the ball to the playmakers. Jozy can't seem to hold the ball up top long enough for our team to set up in the offensive half. Someday, yes. Then we'll have two solid ways to move forward.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Brazil 3, USA 0: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Tomorrow morning will answer a lot of questions. I think we can actually rally off the italy loss. It would be nice to watch the US not just put up a good effort, or have brilliance chances, but to finally post a score against a top team with a full squad. The italy game is another easy one to excuse... red card and all... LD lead the team and left the game full of excuses. Dempsey needs to be benched and Beasley should not see the pitch. I've heard 'the long hard season' excuse for Dempsey... this is irrelevant. The spanish team has had 'the long hard season' but continue to play genius. Dempsey is a top level pro and needs to play with that heart. BB should play Dempsey in the second half so he can watch, want to play, then figure out his half azz soccer on the pitch.