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I really feel for you Matthew! I know how English people can be sometimes. Don't mean to sound bad, I am married to one (he's the sweetest man in the world with all kinds of quirks). I think you are smart to worry about your future. For a short time after I quit my day job I decided to earn my living as an artist. I sold about seven paintings in one year before quitting the job and thought it'll be a piece of cake if I do it full time. Boy was I wrong! I lost my contacts, didn't know how to approach my friends from work. I was miserable. The saddest part was I didn't even feel like painting. I've grown up since! I still am not making a profit even though I am selling but I feel I am going in the right direction promoting myself. Getting back to the topic, I strongly feel that somebody somewhere has to take the responsibility of teaching artists to make their own living when they graduate! They should at least provide the tools to do their own marketing. I think it should be one of the core courses in the curriculum. Almost all other fields have a clear cut path to follow after they graduate. Sounds like artists everywhere are sent out without any tools to survive in the real world. It’s as if everyone wants artists to live a cliché artist’s life as a penalty for doing what they love. I am so glad I found Alyson’s site. I got my contacts together and have informed my list about my upcoming shows and have had a great response. Let’s see how it goes. All the very best to you Matthew and all others! Kushlani Hall