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I'm very dissapointed with jet blues catering to the animal loving customer. Somewhere along the line we crossed over to humanizing 4 legged creatures.It may be surprising to alot of pet owners that there are many people who don't like cats and/or dogs especially on an airplane in the human passenger compartment. My son who loves to travel and is severely handicapped is afraid of dogs especially Barking ones.If he were to encounter a bark of any type on a plane he would be very upset and never want to fly again. But that doesn't seem to matter to the self centered animal lovers who think if a person doesn't like cats or dogs there is something seriously wrong with them. In my sons case there is but many so called normal people feel the same.Jet Blue this is a bad idea. If there ever was an emergency landing somewhere the dogs in there carriers would be grabbed and the carriers would inhibit the orderly evacuation of the plane.As in my case my handicapped son would not be a priority.