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Correction. Stern John and Mamadou Diallo scored 26 in a season, in 1998 and 2000 respectively, tying them for second behind Lassiter's 27 in '96. Wondo is currently third with 25 just ahead of Twellman's 24 in '02.
OMG, is Mandon the complete player now? His two crosses won the game. I used to scratch my eyeballs out watching him take corners, and pass in crosses only to hit the first defender. Looks like he has been practicing. Perhaps with his new buddy Beckham( I had to say it, lol.)
Timpramas- get your facts straight before you bash EJ. Yes he did come on late in the game. No, Fulham were not up 3-0(6-0 on aggregate). It was EJ who slotted a nice pass to Andy Johnson for the third goal. Dempsey set up Andy's first one a few minutes before, and then gave a nice pass to EJ to set up Andy for the third.
I really hope Leonardo gives Gooch at least a full half against Chelsea. I can't wait to see how he handles a newly confident Drogba, and Lampard also.
I know, I must be drinking some funky koolaid.
You know, I like Lalas as a commentator too. Am I crazy for feeling that way? Oh well, if it keeps him from Mananging another MLS team I am all for it.
Madmax, I agree that they look bad right now. Against a determined Galaxy and America they did not look too good. As much as i would love to see Fabiano in Milan i dont think he is the answer. I really like what Inzaghi brings to the table and Pato as well. It is the midfields lack of ball possession that has hurt Milan. Too many turnovers, many unforced, and no creative ball movement. Milan show no sense of urgency. Flamini to Inzaghi was pure class, but they need to show that more than once a game.
he must feel aweful because he normally gives good interviews.
He did his usual tonight, he won everything in the air within a 10 yard radius.
I think Gooch should be a starter. He gives Milan something they desperately need. Physical presence in the area, defensively and offensively. Overlook the goal given up in Gooch's first 15 minutes in a Milan jersey after 2 days with the team and he looked great to me.
should have been 2-2
WTF!!!! Gooch lays off a beautiful header in the area and they dont put it away!
Doesnt look lost to me, with exception of the goal he gave up.
froboy- I hope you didnt think i was calling you out. But I definitely saw Gooch getting forward. Thats the only thing I have been looking for on set pieces.
Well at least it wasnt Gooch that got burnt.
He was lined up on the outside of the wall when Dinho took a free kick a few minutes ago and ran towards goal when Ronnie took the kick. Not sure which backs are filling in for him till he gets back though. I noticed Milan still had two center backs till Gooch recovered.
Take a better look froboy. He has gotten forward on ALL freekicks and corners this half.
I'm praying for a Gooch game winning header off a corner on U.S. soil in a Milan uniform. Crazy I know. But a month ago I would not have even thought the possibility could exist.
BEAUTIFUL pass. perfectly weighted.
Inzaghi!!!! He is pure class.
Milan need to chill. They look really frustrated right now.
Rhybread-I know, I'm just venting. What really frustrates me is that he has otherwise looked really good other than that one play.
Leonardo wont ever play him again unless he starts playing perfect.
Damn Gooch! WTF!!!
Thanks MemRook- That was a very well taken goal by EJ. He had good positioning between the backs and was just waiting to get sprung forward. And yes, he went at the keeper with confidence. Reminded me of one of his Cardiff goals. The one where the whole crowd goes quiet as the ball is struck and then erupts in joy when it hits the back of the net. Check out the you tube clip of it. Crowd reaction is priceless.