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Looks like two of those links didn't work. Let's try that again & hope for the best :-) PeTA's true agenda: Why spay/neuter laws don't solve anything:
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Sorry Alicia, but PeTA does deserve to be picked on. They kill more animals than they save, and most of their money goes towards things like paying the legal fees of people who blow up/burn down labs - murdering the people and animals inside. Read the truth about PeTA's agenda here: PeTA & HSUS also spend millions of dollars lobbying for laws that help move towards banning pet ownership altogether, which is their ultimate goal. They are behind the breed-specific dogs and cat bans, (think Pit Bulls & Bengals), which have forced many people to have to either euthanize their pets, or move. Just look at the problems and heartache this has caused in Miami & Denver. More about where PeTA's money goes to here: And here is more about the farce that is HSUS: They are also behind this ridiculous spay/neuter bill in CA. What will happen if animals don't breed? We won't have any pets left in 10-20 years. That exactly fits with the PeTA/HSUS/ALF agenda of banning animal ownership. So if you like having pets, riding horses, etc., don't support these groups. Read more about the many failings of that bill, and why it's just a bad idea in general here: ~Renee (@trainerr)
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This was sooo very funny! Thanks for sharing.
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