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First of all, FORGET any UM talk on this blog. They're the ones that choose NOT to play FIU in any of the major sports. Back to the radio talk, good move getting FIU on 790 The Ticket. An even better move would be moving Jerry De Castillo to the English play by play. This guy is great. I started listening to him after hearing the atrocious English broadcasts of the past. I remember, even during the winless season, being able to listen to the games without wanting to kill myself. I've met him at the stadium before and after games in the past, and his English is flawless, with no accent. Think about the fact that football, unlike soccer, is an AMERICAN sport and as a bilingual person myself, I think in English before translating to Spanish. That is not easy to do for me, yet this guy manages to pull it off without a hitch on their broadcasts. Football, basketball, baseball, whatever. Bring De Castillo over to the English play by play. I feel bad for the people that have had to listen to the amateurish English broadcasts in the past, always bashing FIU. I'll miss him in Spanish, but I am positive he would be even better in English.
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