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Corvallis, Oregon
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I too long for the day when I could curl up with a magazine and get my hands all inky. No matter how much I long for those days, they are over. As a former print magazine publisher (The Growing Edge, RIP 4/1989-2/2009) the financial reality of getting the thing in print is what struck home for me, that the magazine curling up days are over. In the future, long after we are gone to the library in the sky, print will be looked upon as the hammer, chisel and stone tablet of our time. The cost of printing is continually going up and UP. The reality of printing costs is one that only those that work in publishing REALLY experience firsthand and know about (I really don't miss that $40,000 print bill every other month.) Advertisers don't want to pay the increase and are looking at ways to cut their advertising costs. Most subscribers definitely don't want to pay what it would really cost to print the magazine or so few of them that it would be financially impossible to print the thing. So the increased financial reality of publishing a magazine is and will be the final nail in the coffin for most magazines no matter how much readers reminisce about spending intimate curling up time with the pages of the magazine. However, after spending a week or so in a grieving mode after ceasing to print GE and burying my beloved magazine, I snapped out of it when I started to add daily postings to the site. When I would write a story for the print magazine, my editors would tell me I would have to shorten it and cut out this picture and that picture. Basically, my story became the edited Reader's Digest version of the whole story because of space and cost limitations. Editing still is rightfully needed but the electronic cutting knife is used less. With web centric publishing, the cuts are few and far between and both writer and reader can get a more full and satisfying reading experience with more words, pictures, audio and video. I know when I switched from a CRT computer monitor to a large, wide screen LCD, the issue of my eyes burning after reading became mute. I do miss the curling up time with the magazine but my wife likes it better now when I spend more time curling up with her!
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