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Note that * PDF isn't realistic unless your device has a screen as good/big as the iPad. Personally, I read on a 7" android tablet, so PDFs are a nightmare. * all the non-PDF eBook formats can do a better job than your examples, but the publishers don't bother so far. They depend mostly on automated systems/services for conversion to various ebook formats. * ePub *is* the standard, it's just that (a) Kindle doesn't use it, (b) ancient reader devices don't use it, and (c) Apple's new app uses a proprietary-extension of it to add new features. * many of the downsides of ebooks you state are *currently* true for *many/most* channels (format choice + DRM/license), but not inherent in the format. O'Reilly is a nice counter-example. * though the couple O'Reilly titles I have don't have much code of image stuff to deal with, so I don't know how hard they work at the formatting, either. * also note there's a "Books in Browsers" faction working on improving the reader experience with a browser reading from a local ePub (typically).
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While I agree that Reading a big tool for other learning, I'm not sure that pushing everyone to be successful in at by grade 3 is key. Some people say that some students take longer than others to be "ready" for this. (I don't know, my kids were fairly early readers.) I think Sudbury is very relaxed about the timing of this... but then they're relaxed about everything! :)
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Great, you've just created a new CRM feature. Or they can just give each CSR a dice.... "oops today is not your day for a random act of kindness"
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Yes, but you can type into that textarea while watching "I'm a Gummy Bear" in the other half of the screen.... :)
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