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My dad was a car guy. When he met my mom, he had a '65 Griffith (mod-TVR). They had the car until I was 2 (no back seat). He still tries to find it on several car sites. He still knows the chassis number by heart and has the list of all the mods, upgrades, substitutions, and his preventive maintenance schedule. The second and the third kids led to a dodge charger, then a VW pop-top camper (great manual transmission to learn to drive in BTW), assorted Park Avenues, and an Explorer or 3. Nothing like fatherhood to try and sap a car guys love of all things automotive. Fondest memory as a kid was getting on the train with my brother and dad when we lived in Germany and going to the Frankfurt autoshow in 1978. He talked a Lamborghini guy into letting his 2nd the 4th grade sons sit in a Countach. Nothing like that to raise your kids estimation of you!
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