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He sold it, and the Ref bought it. As far as I'm concerned, it's part of the game. And there's no reason to continue to complain about it. I think punishing divers is a ridiculous concept. If the Ref catches it, then a yellow (or maybe even red) is appropriate. Otherwise, it is what it is . . . Just my opinion (and for the record, I'm not an Arsenal fan).
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Eduardo's awful dive at Soccer By Ives
This game definitely provides food for thought. With the benefit of this performance (and Brazil's crushing defeat of Italy), it's not that difficult to look back and say that the US may have beaten Italy at full strength. In fact, we almost got a point playing short-handed. As for the Brazil game, maybe Brazil is just that good (on the other hand, I think Italy actually was quite good in the second half once Lippi finally injected some youth into his squad). My real issue is that, given this dramatic turnaround, I don't feel like we have any important answers -- are we worse than expected or better than expected? As for smaller personnel matters, however, here are my key take-aways: (1) DeMerit is solid, and, frankly, I think his distribution is better than both Gooch's and Bocanegra's; (2) Bornstein worked hard, but he's not big enough, or good enough, to hack it at this level; (3) Michael Bradley undoubtedly is one of the stand-out performers on this team; and perhaps the answer to our attacking problems is to push him forward a bit; (4) Jozy is developing, and has some flashes that merit his continued inclusion.