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I have a lot of trouble in the kitchen. As my mother has pointed out (on many occasions) it is a good thing i am "clever" and never needed common sesne to get me through life. i have the most trouble with microwaves. Things tend to explode. Sure, you don't get the entire kitchen as messy but those buggers can be hard to get into the sink to wash....
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There I am, just sitting there writing when some one looks it at me and says "Oh. Your just writing". They then proceed to interrupt me...and i let them. Unless your job is probably "writer" eveyone else does think your doing something less than important! And i have been doing it to myself. About time i changed that i think. Gonna have to turn bitch mode on ('cause no on ever interrupts when i am coding....) Thank you wil and comments for helping me with my block.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on time to write at WWdN: In Exile
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maybe it is an age thing. my dad just retired and he has taken to saying and doing what ever he pleases! They never think of their children :)
Toggle Commented May 31, 2009 on "this is magical" at WWdN: In Exile
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reading the comments i remebered something i did years ago. i use to write some (very) odd research software. only would ever have a few users who didn't care much for the pretty but wanted to be able to have simple interfaces. i use to label the buttons with things like "make it so" or "helm control" that kind of thing. i did it to amuse myself mostly but the thing was that no one EVER asked me about the buttons. or asked me rename them. and they were paying! i use to have even more fun with error messages.
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I have worked in different research fields, always being the new comer learning the terminology of the sub-culture and trying to fit in. I have been the person viewed as "trying to jump on the band wagon"; the person who is not really "one of us". But you know what helps? Not making fun or belittling what others do and just trying to understand. I have aquired some awesome mad skills and experiences from trying on someone elses culture for a while. as i say: Those people more geeky than me will think that i am not really a geek. Those less geeky than me will think that i am a complete geek.
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