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Wolf Gnards
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I think it ended up being pretty cool though. It spread through twitter, and people were standing up and claiming their geekhood. Whether they were "real" geeks or not, doesn't matter. It was even fun to point out the fakers. It created a moment that had nothing to do with Geek Advancement and was, in fact, larger than Geek Advancement. The average twitter user had little to no idea why #iamageek was trending, they were just having fun with it. I thought it was a real nice little moment.
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I just can't find any high quality nerds to play D&D with.
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I totally missed it. I missed it by seconds, too. Will my life ever be complete? Probably not. Will I get over it? I just don't know.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2009 on my god, it's full of unicorns at WWdN: In Exile
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I'm pretty sure Riker did protect Wesley from the Gootch.
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