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Pt Mugu/China Lake/San Diego
Interests: Flying, motorcycles, tennis, golf, scifi
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That is pretty good. It's funny how we think as kids not realizing what we're doing or what we have sometimes. This even happens when we are adults. I remember a time when I was so miserable; we were transiting the Straits of Malacca in August and I was sitting alert 5 on cat 3. It was 1000 degrees out and 1000 percent humidity and then it started pouring rain. We couldn't close the canopy because it was suffocating so we kept it was cracked open and water was pouring down on to my legs and into the cockpit. Talk about a vivid memory! Yet what I wouldn't give to be right back there now. Tip of the spear. Revel in the moment!
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Isn't that an Oingo Boingo song?
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Happy Birthday! You're only as old as you feel, but the hangovers sure seem worse.
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Wil, great story. Have you ever thought of reprising the Wesley character? There were many fans who always wondered what happened to Wesley Crusher after he left the series. It could be chronicled in a new show, let's call it "The Traveler" to give it a name, where the adventures of Wesley take place. The neat thing about something like this is that it wouldn't have to be exactly along Star Trek lines but could branch out as the character learns more about how to manipulate time and space. Whether you take a "Quantum Leap" tack or do something completely different I think that this could be quite successful. Imagine the character moving through parallel universes, where Wesley could meet with all variety of beings. I personally would like to see an episode where Wesley meets the Doctor or travels to Gallifrey and learns the origins of the Time Lords. (I know I'm a total geek!) Anyway, just a thought. I know I would watch!
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Yes it is pretty cool but also very challenging. Take computer networks. There are constantly folks trying to hack into systems, IA has become every sysadmin's watchword. We've spent many man hours on the ones we use. And don't even think about cell phones without knowing that someone can be monitoring everything you say and do. Just a few of the issues in our "brave new world". Did you ever watch the episode of Star Trek where two worlds are at war but never shoot at each other? They used simulated weapons and then walked into disintegration chambers after the simulated attacks. Sometimes I fear our future is headed that way. When you don't have to risk anything to wage war, aka the proliferation of UAS and the like, what is to stop you from beating on anyone you don't like? I much prefer the old fashion method of facing down an adversary face to face where I know I am also at risk and will couch my decisions accordingly. All that said, doing 1.5IMN at 500' ain't a bad thing to experience either!
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I don't remember which episode even though it was just on the other night. doh! About the only TV I watch anymore is scifi and the news. As far as people not liking the character I had no idea. A Wesley haters club? Most likely just a bunch of wannabes. I mean, how cool is it to be a regular on Star Trek? Besides Wil was a good actor even back then and he didn't turn out to be an ass like lots of others. Just a regular guy like the rest of us. In fact, I remember taking my kids to Disneyland and seeing him and his friends there. If you didn't recognize him you would never know. That is true coolness not to mention character.
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I'm looking forward to the book. As a pretty die hard trekie I only missed episodes when deployed. Funny, I remember eating dinner on TV trays and watching the original as a kid. I do have a question though. I'm watching a rerun on scifi and I gotta ask, what's with those pants? Didn't they make you a new outfit as you grew?
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Very cool, too bad it's gone.
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