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Hello canes fans. Please, let us not be angered by the the ignorance and the lack of class shown by some of the fans of our friends at UF. Let us instead realize just how much much of a motivating factor FEAR is. You see, people don't like things that they FEAR. When they come across something they FEAR, they strike out against it and attack it, out of FEAR. This is the tactic that our Gator friends have been employing here the last few years, due to their recent success. Let us not forget that not too long ago the gators were an underachieving and second rate SEC football team who were of little to no significance to anyone outside of gainesville. Now they are a talented team with a whiny head coach and a gimmicky offense. (That doesn't produce any lasting NFL talent). Also let us not forget that up until last year UF hasn't beaten UM in a number of years. Strong and fast. Miami changed the way college football was played. Yes, including you Gators, you took your cues from us too! No need to thank us you're welcome. Don't forget UM owned most of the 80's and 90's. If we didn't win the NC we were playing for it. Cant say the same for the gators. Our last one was IN 2001. Then we had another one the next year stolen by ref's. So I think were coming due. Regardless of what you say, 5 championships is still better than 3. And until you get 5, please exercise your right to remain silent. So with all of that said, lets make it clear so that everyone can understand. THE FLORIDA GATORS FEAR THE MIAMI HURRICANES!!! How else can you explain their behavior? For example: 1. Finding the newspaper that covers the miami area (The Herald) 2. Creating a profile and becoming a member of the canes blog (Eye on the U) 3. Logging into a UM athletics blog (basketball article) and spewing their rhetoric and taunting UM fans. ALL MOTIVATED BY FEAR (so, so, sad......) So instead of anger and frustration, let us have mercy on our little fishy friends from the swamp. For they as well as the rest of the country have taken notice. The U is on it's way back to greatness!!! Only a coward kicks a man when he's down. But a real man will get up, stand toe to toe and fight for respect. We have been down and have taken our licks. But now were rising up to take our rightful place. As one of the most dominant teams in college football history. And were not done yet. When we get back on our feet we'll show you who is best the state of Florida has to offer. (That is, if you'll play us?) Who would of thunk? A huge publicly funded state school, would be so concerned about a small little private school in Miami. THEY MUST BE SCARED! Watch out little gators, There's a Hurricane coming>>>> It's all about the U!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2009 on Wall gives UM high marks after visit at Eye on the U
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