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madmax, jimp you're right. sub has to be up while Conrad is staggering and falling down, Goodson was not up during injury. I believe one of two things may have happened during the injury scenario, 1. medical staff didn't notify coach that Conrad was not going back in or 2. Bradley was thinking of going three at the back for the last couple of minutes than changed his mind.
The attempts to squash criticism of Aguirre, El Tri and their fans are counter productive. There is something wrong with this organization that runs deep. I and many others thought Aguirre would bring El Tri back to civility, but their system seems broken beyond repair. From poor sportsmanship (the only team I know that constantly disrespects the other players and countries), to Nery, Marquez, and Oswaldo going berserk, to assistant off field attacks, to Aguirre inserting himself on the field of play. There is something rotten in Denmark. Silence is not the answer or cure.
Quaranta looked very poor the first 65 minutes as did much of the USA team. Bradley's changes, Quaranta, Ching, Parkhurst, were very underwhelming. Feilhaber and Davies gave a little lift to a drab affair, and they joined Marshall and Perkins as the only 4 quality players on the pitch, of either side. The FSC color commentator called just about every Honduran player 'great'. You might want to turn the sound off.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on USA 2, Honduras 0: A look back at Soccer By Ives
Bradley needed to make some adjustments on the fly, like pulling Duece and MB back to help the FB's, and he failed.
Playing for Rangers was not good for Beasley's health also.
Jared, madmax commented about the game, players, and coaches. You commented about his writing style and word choices, nothing on the game. You are way out of line, and a have little to say.