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I think alot of them are staying. now the ones that are in the hot seat are wright and fields. Ronnie Brown: i really dont get what you guy have against ronnie brown. ronnie isnt going anywhere didnt you see how he was playing the first year when he had the backfield all for himself and he didnt have to share it with ricky (no offense to ricky hes awesome) he was having an MVP year until he got injured in the pats game. and every other year he was sharing the backfield and still was close to 1000 yards. Channig Crowder: hes another that isnt leaving. first he just got his contract extended and second hes a tackling machine. yea he isnt the big play linebacker but hes a for sure tackler. thats why next to him we need to find a blitzing middle linebacker (no offense to ayodele). Matt Roth: hes not leaving either. now this guy i really like alot. i think he has a bright future as an olb you just have to give him a chance hes still learnig the position. and he didnt do that bad last year for bein his first year at olb. now if they sign taylor yea he wont be a starter but he'll be learnig from jason taylor and be gettin used to the position even more. and taylor has one or two more years in the nfl and then roth comes in. Jason Allen: yea he hasnt lived up to the hype of a number 1 pick but i really dont think anyone has given him a chance. hes gone through three diferent coaching staffs, being switched form safety to cb and cb to safety and i believe the times hes gone in hes done good, hes had picks and i think he put up a good fight with moss and he even caused a pick that game versus the pats(and he had no help over the top with moss which was stupid from the coaches). i believe from the 5 cb that the dolphins are going to keep j.allen is going to be one of them. remember next year 3 cb go to free agency and j.allen isnt one of them. Tedd ginn jr: hes one i dont get why everyone is on his back. i think he can become a really good receiver but it sucks that we dont have a qb that can eploit his speed (no offence to pennigton i think hes an awesome qb). and also it takes time to develop a receiver and i could notice each year hes gotten better. it also suck when in games your considered as the #1 receiver so your doubled team and you cant really do anything cuz there no one on the other side to intimidate the defence thats why we need a big number 1 receiver like boldin or burress. Paul soliai: he isnt going anywhere cuz the coaching staff see something in him that they like and its true what they say that it is hard to find a nt in the nfl for the 3-4. i think hes going to be here for a while cuz next year ferguson contract expires and they need some one there and i also believe in next years draft or free agency were going to get some one to go with him. Brandon Fields: i really dont know. i thought he was doing ok but they brought some one in from australia to compete with him. Rodrigue Wright: i really liked when we drafted him from texas i thought it was a steal gettin him in the 6th round. i think he has alot of upside but he hasnt gotten the chance just like j.allen. when he played he didnt do bad but he wont have a chance at DE cuz we have our draft picks from last year and free agent in front of him. i hope we keep him and turn him into a NT. hes a big guy 6'5" 310 pds. hope we keep him and give him a chance.
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