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I would imagine there's a decent chance Burlingame may be following in San Carlos' footsteps in the near future, in terms of a bond/tax measure on next November's ballot (at the risk of beating a dead horse, newer property owners better watch their backs if it turns out to be a general obligation bond/assessed value tax!). Not sure when this inventory wish list which appears on Burlingame's website was last updated, but here are the priority projects and associated price tags: And here's today's SM Daily Journal article about San Carlos:
FYI, the following excerpt is from the General Update provided in conjunction with the latest bond oversight committee meeting on September 4: "A halt to the legal action may be pending however, because the Petitioners and the District have agreed to enter non-binding mediation in order to try and settle the legal issues" Also noting the District recently redesigned their website. You now have to do a bit of digging to find the bond oversight committee reports. On the home page, go to the "District" tab, and then "Business Services"; you'll then see a link to "Measure D and Measure A Bond Oversight Committee" on the right side of the page (which is still ultimately a link to a page on Dreiling Terrones Architecture's URL). Finally, only a General Update report for the September 4th meeting is available. I was informed by the District that updated Expenditure reports associated with that meeting have been deferred for approval, for some reason, until the next bond oversight committee meeting on November 6th.
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I should have mentioned the link above is a staff report being presented at this coming Monday's City Council meeting.
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Speaking of bonds, here's what may be coming down the pike in Burlingame. There will be public opposition to any general obligation bonds/assessed value taxes (which unfairly penalize newer property owners):
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The results of the recent community survey/input on unfunded infrastructure needs are now available. Below is a link to the corresponding staff report that will be discussed at this coming Monday's City Council meeting. Results appear starting on page 3. Per the report's summary, "The Downtown Parking Garage received the most number of “Very Critical” votes, followed by the Bayview Park. Both projects were far ahead of the next two on the list, the Burlingame Community Center and the continuation of the Downtown Streetscape to neighboring streets."
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As a quick follow up, I should have referred to lease-leaseback in the BESD's case as a "delivery method", not a "financing method" (since BESD already has the cash from bond financing). Here's the presentation that was given to the BESD -- You'll see lease leaseback is an used as exception for an otherwise public bidding process for contractors:
Due to the Hoover lawsuit and construction halt, looks like BESD is now seeking to exit the lease-leaseback financing arrangement referenced above (hopefully this doesn't result in further complications). Here's another subsequent press article on some of the issues surrounding lease-leasebacks for school financing; interesting to note the former attorney who represented BESD/Hoover lawsuit is quoted in the article: Here's an excerpt from the most recent BESD trustees meeting agenda: Staff is seeking approval form the Board of Termination for Convenience of the lease-leaseback construction agreement with Alten Construction for the Hoover Elementary School project. The Termination for Convenience would make allowance for Alten to finish the remediation work on the Project as allowed by the Court, but importantly it would eliminate the District’s continued exposure to possible claims from Alten and Alten’s subcontractors for damages for delay or standby arising out of the uncertainty of the duration of the suspension of the Project. Staff is seeking approval of the terms of the Settlement Agreement and, asking the Board for authorization for the Superintendent or their designee to continue negotiations with Alten. The final terms of the Settlement Agreement would be brought to the Board at its next Board meeting for ratification if complete.
Ooops - here's the second link I meant to paste:
The saga continues - here's the headline from today's San Mateo Daily Journal: Also, here's the link where you can monitor this case in the appellate court (case #: A142405); interesting to note it appears the school district has hired a new legal firm.
I should have noted upfront in my earlier post that the estimated price tag is $32.8 - $35.3 million. And as I've said before, although I support the underlying intent, I will adamantly oppose financing this project through general obligation bonds, for which newer property owners will disproportionally shoulder most of the burden.
Here's the link for the Council meeting video, which I forgot to include in my earlier post above (again, you can scroll directly to agenda item 10a, and Council comments/questions commence at 1:37:30.
The City Council approved the master design plan for the new rec/community center last night. You can scroll directly to agenda item 10a to see the presentation; Council members' subsequent questions and comments start at 1:37:30. Also, here's the corresponding staff report. Included are minutes from the Citizens Advisory Committee which has been overseeing this project. Its interesting to note the minutes from September 10, 2013. A bit hard to understand within the broader context, but it looks like there was some concern about how parking issues would (or would not) be communicated at a broader Community meeting; according to one excerpt, discussion should be "more about programming, less about parking." Source:
Here are the minutes from the April 27, 2009 Burlingame Planning Commission meeting - the only meeting, I believe, during which Valley International School was on the agenda. Discussion of Valley International begins at the bottom of page 9 of the minutes, and concludes at the top of page 13. Following page 14 (the final page) of the minutes are the referenced Staff Report and attachments for the agenda item pertaining to Valley International:
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Per the below link to the expenditure reports distributed at the most recent May 1st bond oversight committee, the total outlay to-date for Hoover is $13,522,335. This includes $306,625 for attorney fees related to the lawsuit. Please note the document via the following link has two pages (one for each the two bond measures, 2007 Measure A and 2012 Measure D, respectively):
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And just as a timely follow up to my earlier post above, here is the judge's final decision subsequently issued today (see highlighted item #6 on page 3):
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FYI: ------------------ PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE Hoover School Community Meeting The City of Burlingame, the Town of Hillsborough, and Supervisor Dave Pine invite you to a community conversation regarding Hoover School: WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 2014 TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. WHERE: Hillsborough Town Hall 1600 Floribunda Avenue Hillsborough, Ca Questions may be directed to: Lisa Goldman, Burlingame City Manager or Randy Schwartz, Hills (650) 558 7204 650) 375-7400
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In case you missed it, capital expenditures were discussed at the last Council meeting, including freeing up an additional $250,000 for addition further rec center study/draft plans. You can scroll directly to agenda item 10b:
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Yes, it would have been useful - and perhaps more meaningful- if the survey included options about how these projects would be actually paid for. And not just to get a sense of what my own potential, personal "investment" might be, but how this outlay would compare proportionally to other residents/property owners.
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FYI, new survey and community outreach for infrastructure spending "wish list" (see cut and paste below). I wonder if any of the organizations they reference include newer property owners (who would be penalized if the city uses general obligation bonds).. -------------------- Help Set Funding Priorities The City of Burlingame has launched a community engagement effort to seek input from residents and the business community on 11 unfunded capital improvement projects. The unfunded projects include building a new community center, upgrading several City-owned facilities, constructing a downtown parking garage, and extending the beautiful Burlingame Avenue streetscape improvements to the surrounding commercial streets. As part of this initiative, City staff is making presentations to numerous community groups and organizations and asking attendees and other community members to complete a survey rating the projects’ importance. The City Council will use the results to help them set funding priorities. All Burlingame residents and business community members are encouraged to participate and can access the survey by visiting If you are a member of a Burlingame-based organization and would like to schedule a presentation, please send a note to City staff at
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FYI, Los Angeles has now joined the roster of cities using
No idea re: the judge's timing. My only source of info is via this link on court's website (for case type, select "civil"; the court case number is 519075):
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From the most recent Burlingame Elementary School District Measure D bond oversight committee meeting notes: Plaintiffs to the lawsuit have filed a request to stop all construction and “return the site to its original condition. o The District has filed an objection to this request and the cost that would be related to this action. o The Judge has not issued a decision on this request, and therefore construction continues.
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Just as a follow up to this string about, here is a recent article about Menlo Park signing up:
Thanks Joe -- FYI, although I won't mention him by name, another "eagle eye" deserves credit for referring me to that list on Burlingame's website (he, too, is a fellow resident,Burlingame business owner, and school parent).
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I didn't realize one possibility is a new rec center combined with a new city hall building (i.e., civic center)- with an estimated price tag of $56 million, per this list on the city's website:
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