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What's going on? Wher is the fire? We need a spark from somebody other than Wade and JO.
A few questions being answered tonight about Beasley/Haslem PT.
Good job on a good Playoff bound team.
Too much contact down there on UD. REFS don't FUP
OK, new game, Beasley is fine. let's get to work.
Never fear Wade is here. Don't be so wimpy, people.
Wade is our man. Any questions?
WADE to Beasley
Gentlemen, Let's take care of Bussiness. Let's go HEAT!
5th Seede in the East with 4 teams ahead of us and 1-5 Seed in the West adds up to 8 or 9 teams with a higher or the same SEEDING in the league. 9 out of 30 is not mediocre guys. Why can't you show some love fer the team that is playing it heart out?
Having defended Spo and his right and responsibility for running the team, Me , as a fan, would rather see Beasley finish games because the athletic type of plays could not be equaled by anybody else except Wade. Also DWright would belong on that lineup with Skip and JO.
What a shame for us that we couln't hold the lead in the last .30 seconds or so, especially with our BIW holding the ball. Also the Lakers loss was brutal at the time. There were other heartbrakers along the way all the way back to the Suns come back from behind at the beggining of the season. Still 5th Seed and in the hunt for 4th Seed.
Spo seems to be very much aware of Beasley's mistakes and maybe they are really very dumb mistakes. We don't know how many times he's been told to do it a different way by the coaches, but Spo knows. Anyway Spo preaches patience with Beasley and always praises his accomplishments. Maybe, we, of the blog, are the ones that don't know SH*T about it, irregardless of our perceived proficiencies in the game of BB.
Competitive game that some one had to win. Wade Was fenomenal! till the last seconds were we lost the game. Beasley gives us flashes of grandeur, I love his game. Still too many mistakes because of youth. A goal tend followed by basket interference proved his Athleticism and his youth at the same time. Enjoyed the duel between the stars and Beasley's jumping out of the building dunk-put back. Those things make me appreciate were we stand as a team.
Beasley doing it on the boards
Let veryeyo and others beat us if they can. Just double LBJ
That's a lot of energy. good defense
Was that an assist
We need separation from this team. They are very dangerous