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Greenville, SC
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I have watched a couple games at Cheers on Augusta Rd. I subscribe to FSC & an extended sports pkg so I watch a lot of games at home. I am really surprised there aren't more options here. Besides good programs at Furman & Clemson, there must be 3,000 kids playing club soccer at CESA & there is a good sized Hispanic population. I am still trying to decide if I want to fork over the $ to watch on PPV :(
Where are you in SC? I am in Greenville. It sucks to be a soccer fan in this state. The closest professional team is DC. I keep praying that Charlotte will get a team. I'd even go to Atlanta periodically if they had a team.
As much as I loathe the player, I love the goals. All 3 were world class.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Luis Suarez at Soccer By Ives
Your statement is not correct. Chievo are in 9th place out of 20 teams so they are in the top half of the table.
Count me as another MLS fan that has to overlook the result against Manchester United. They have such a deep team and are absolutely on fire! It's hard to imagine any EPL team being able to overtake them. I can't wait to see how the Champions League plays out.
Horrendous mistake by Vorm. You definitely have to see it to understand the idiocy of it. Huge gift for Arsenal who didn't look likely to score otherwise. Arsenal started with a lot of pressure but just don't seem convincing against lowly competition.
He's not on his toes. You can see his shoes flat on the ground behind Torres. If I recall correctly, Shea is 6'-4".
In spite of the football field markings and a score line of 0-0 in 68th minute - the game is rather entertaining. Favored team Orlando City had their keeper red carded for taking down Harrison City forward. At least we know it goes to PK's if neither side puts it away.
I'm OK with international dates - but surely they can schedule them to be more viewer friendly.
What a let down to not have any games to watch today. With no other choices I tuned into the USL final. How is it possible they are playing a final on a field with football markings. It is so distracting and unfitting for a championship game....
Plus I like knowing that this supports MLS. I have been a fan since watching the Mutiny play back in the day in Tampa. It's about time I show it with some $$$$$
Thank you for the advice. I just signed up. Thank you and Brek Shea.... Just couldn't resist watching FC Dallas vs Sporting KC. Please don't let me down!!!!!
I selected option 2 because even though the team may not have looked good doing so - they did accomplish what reasonable expectations would indicate. That said, I do have an uneasy feeling about the US going forward. I'm starting to wonder if the boys will be able to shake the negativity of their recent performances and the utter meltdown of so many fans. (I truly hope that none of them are exposed to the mean spirited posts that I've read). The catalyst for that change could very well come from a new coach. However, since I can't offer the name of a suitable and available replacement; I had to vote to keep BB and keep faith that our team will be able to put up the effort required to improve.
Game tied at zero at end of regulation. Have to like that as a US fan. That extra time will potentially take a toll on the players.
They are both playing very fast which admittedly we haven't seen from the US. However, I wouldn't say they are playing very well. A lot of sloppy play from both sides. Also a lot of fouls. Hopefully they wear themselves out with the frantic pace.
FYI - I am a happily married female and there is no question that my family comes 1st. I said in my post that I think Clint and Landon should be at their sisters' weddings. However, if I was their sister I would have tried to pick a date outside of the Gold Cup. I'm also pretty sure my husband would not have minded had I scheduled our wedding as to not interfere with a soccer tournament --- just like I wouldn't ask him to do something during the Super Bowl. It's called Mutual Respect and it has been working for me for a long time!
Martha - I completely agree with you. Clint and Landon should definitely attend their sisters' weddings. However, I do find it odd their sisters would schedule them during the Gold Cup. Heck, I wouldn't schedule my own wedding during the Gold Cup and I'm not related to anyone on the team just because I wouldn't want to miss watching any of the games. Maybe I would reconsider if my honeymoon included tickets to one of the games ;)
Ha - and how ugly would it have been if the US were better finishers last night ???
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on Gold Cup quarterfinal matchups set at Soccer By Ives
It would have been great as a US fan to see the team crush an opponent, however, the only thing that matters is that when the final whistle blows - we have scored one more goal than our opponent. The US did what it needed to advance. I don't care how they win as long as they win. The US is capable of playing much better but none of these games can predict the outcome of the next match. Go USA !!!!! I personally think the team could improve with some new coaching blood but there is no way I will ever cheer against our team.
Yes, Dempsey should have scored more goals but how on earth did he get into the position to have those chances!!!! It was because he hustled out there. I don't understand how missing goals translates into lack of enthusiasm. Now, you may have a valid point on Donovan's recent games.....
Josh D - this isn't really directed at you as I agree that what happened four years ago is no longer relevant to this tournament but I would also like to point out that this tournament is not an indication of how the US will play in 2014. A lot can change in either direction. Look how much Mexico has changed in the last year....
I watched a couple WC games at Cheers on Augusta St. There were a lot of local CESA teams there and it was all a lot of fun.
I'll be watching from home in Greenville, SC; assuming I survive until then. This has been the longest day - it seems like the clock is not moving...
I am stuck in a car for next 4 hours so I am counting on you guys to keep me posted. I'm disappointed Ives isn't doing match day commentary. Does anyone know of a site that is so I don't have to keep refreshing?
If she were me - it wouldn't be a problem. In fact, I'd stay home and watch it too! My son is taking final exams this week and hopefully will be able to find a ride home. I'd like nothing better than to watch the game with him!!!!!