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I can haz PTSD?
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2010 on science ... SCIENCE! at WWdN: In Exile
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Frankly, using "grognard" correctly in a sentence is all the geek cred this blog needed. :) I'm of two minds on this issue: as Wil said, I've suffered for being a geek. I was bullied, shunned, even beaten just for being different. Seeing this mass-market, sanitized version of what high-paid celebs (not you, Wil) think "geek" is, I find distressing. It's calculated, cold, and shallow. On the other hand, having gone through all that, it's nice to think that there might be some measure of acceptance at long last. We would be foolish to defensively hide the things we love from the "n00bs" in geekdom. That being said, I cordially invite Ashton, Hammer, Shaq, Wil, and other geeks and pseudo-geeks to come to Ohio to play some D&D. We can even snicker at the LARPers, if you really want. BYO Jolt.
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