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Wilco have been doing this for years, ever since "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." They would stream the whole album for a while before the official release and encourage their fans to actually buy it if they could afford it. Here's a quote from a 2004 email that I happened to save, after "A Ghost Is Born" was released (and it had been streaming on their site for some time): We should probably admit that this is a thinly veiled reminder to get out there and support the band in whatever way you see fit... And if that involves picking up a copy of the cd, well that's all the better. Of course, that's optional; we've kept the stream up for those of you who are too busy, broke or otherwise unable or unwilling to pull the trigger. Regardless, if you do venture out, don't forget to support your local record shop. Those folks have had a hard time of it lately. I'm a big fan, of both their music and their politics and values.
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