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obama wants the same here in america, get rid of jobs and force the youth in the army and indoctrinate them. watch the process
Didnt go to Harvard, Columbia, All records sealed! The most historic election ever and the first exe order was. Sealing all presidential records. Hum!!!!
house set on fire!! manifesto survies! pilot drugged,stuff on plane, remote controlled airplane crash, direct hit irs building. balmed on right wing terrorist. now thats a full day for the white house.
Ronald reagan would not be proud of his son period. Pam you think like 75 percent of america and thats why these liberals know there voices and time are short.
There is only one thing to do. ALL ABOARD!! next plane leaving for home get on it and take your views with you
a muslim in thief, doing what his puppet masters tell him to do. its all by design he wants usa to fail.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2010 on STFU at Atlas Shrugs
Barry Soetoro is his name. I'm sure all the dems out there voted for a man with 2 names. i'm sure the msm did their job and told the public about Barry,Steve,Barack. His photoshopped birth cert was enough for pelosi and crew. Well when the truth gets told sooner or later it wont be pretty
This must stop before its to late! This commie must be stopped. I see the destruction this man wants to do. Who's funding this? George soros! This needs to be front and center on fox news. The out cry should be from the roof tops
Folks standing outside in the cold today holding a sign was a great day in my life it was time well spent. Folks this needs to heard around the country.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on 41st! at Atlas Shrugs
Folks holding a sign today down the street form booths and watching 90 percent thumbs up for scott brown was awesome. going back soon as my feet warm up. lets get some patriotic music here Pam!!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on The Scott Heard Round the World at Atlas Shrugs
Just voted for scott brown. greatest vote ever in my life. shock the world
This tsunami is not going to be stopped brown will win in a landslide. I will be voting in about 12 hours can't wait. The scott heard round the world
Thank you pam please send this to many as possible Cw ,oil for etc
This evil is going to be swept away. evil hates the light.
I got to shake scott browns hand twice. told him i was praying for him and his family. he said thank you. he signed autos in the rain and posed for pictures. He also said' did i miss anyone' He is more like a presidential canadate. He will be more popular than palin with this win. Brown Palin ticket!
We have been infiltrted pure and simple and years in the making. islam ops will be patience to obtain objective even if it take years . Dont be surprised we have been taken from within
I live in central mass and stood up to the governor last month. My job has brought me to over 8,000 homes in ten years. i feel i could help scott brown win in central mass. love to see him get in office
The courts like our usurper really can't win either way. If she is freed half are happy and the other are furious. The courts ultimatley don't want to upset Barry plain and simple. He doesnt forget
Muslims love to bring fear! Thats their mo
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2009 on 'The Whole Plane Was Screaming' at Atlas Shrugs
Captain Jack Sparrow ' Drinks for everyone!
We talked on facebook 3 months ago and he is just the same then as he is now. A man of conviction cant be stopped. he has my vote
Cheney is right on the money. its all political and holder will pay for this in the polls
something tells me obama knows alot about 911 alot alot. The scripture says a dog returns to his vomit