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Midwestern dilettante
Interests: Bicycling, research methods, statistics, marketing, social psychology,data
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I wonder about dashboards. I see them in books, and in software demos, but I've never had one that was useful and don't know of any executive who really uses one -- even in a company that writes software for them. Are dashboards the pie charts of the 2010s? Nate has a good comment, but I'm in the middle. The analyst should describe what the data means, based on their deep knowledge of that data. Data do not speak for themselves. The executive, based on a shallow but wider knowledge of the overall company situation, may or may not agree.
Supporting my earlier point that media are unfairly targeting the Facebook study as a cheap way to fill airtime: Title: 33 Ethicists Defend Facebook’s Controversial Mood Study by Andy Thomason "A group of bioethicists wrote in a column published on Wednesday that Facebook’s controversial study of mood manipulation was not unethical, and harsh criticism of it risks putting a chill on future research. The article was written by six ethicists, joined by 27 others."
Curious that my previous comment showed up under a surprising identity [accounts/o8/id?id etc], I'm now seeing if that happens again.