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Hackintosh comparison... so it's not the hardware... Total guess, but I think it's OS related. I also dug up an article that showed XP had about 20% better battery life than Windows 7. Win7 is just doing more and waking up more. Apple regularly releases updates that are battery life related. It only takes one errant processes to burn though cycles and reduce efficiency. I think they are just being more carful about it that Microsoft is.
It's too bad they can't seem to get the cycle life up. IIRC as you increase the capacity on LI-S batteries the cycle life drops rapidly. So you may be able to get 1000wh/kg but only with 100-200 cycles there really isn't a practical way to use these in vehicles without replacing them often. Given the tradeoffs, the short term solution is quick-charge batteries with a lower capacity. If you can charge in under 5 minutes to 80% capacity, it's not the end of the world that you only get a 120 mile range. Then its just a matter of quick-charge infrastructure. With time range will expand and in 10 years we'll have 5 minute recharge to 300 mile range. Really at that point, you probably SHOULD stop to stretch your legs for 5 minutes at that range.