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May 31, 2010
As I can see this post is very commercial based, however I think that we shouldn't forget to put some Open-Source VRM solutions. I think that you could add OpenQRM in the comparison. Some time ago I was investigating it, and it was very impressive. Look at the video: . However as it was a long time ago and many things changed, I think we should install it and test on real hardware. What do you think? :) Additionally what comes to my mind is Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform ( However I'm not sure if this is VRM, could you check?
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Hi Pawel, Thanks for the comment. You are right, my blog post lack some details regarding my testing procedure. Sorry for that, however I will explain them now: - Hardware configuration was: Intel Core2Duo CPU 2.16Ghz, 4GB of RAM. Software was running on Fedora 11. - As you noticed I'm aware of different switches and I know that they may cause a big difference. For example. I ran these tests on Sun 1.6 JVM with new G1 Garbage collector and I was shocked as it was slower :) I didn't post the results of this experiment with G1 because it crashed our production ready application, G1 is currently experimental so I don't want to blame anyone for that. - Secondly, I wanted to test the default configuration of JVMs. Such configuration should be optimal in most cases, I wanted to check it. - What is more, my custom tests of "Simple application" and "Application to speedup" ran for about 15min each, this diagram may be misleading as it shows average time of single, time consuming procedure which was the measure here. Regarding the question, if fine tuning a JVM is better than choosing a different one, I want to say that you are right. However at the beginning of the post I said that we already tried that. Our app is fast now, but as always it could be faster. With this in mind I decided to try other JVMs as I didn't do it before. It is clear that tests could be performed in more detail, but as always it requires time which may be better spent on other areas of the project.
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