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As unique an opportunity this will be for you and the other bloggers, you have to consider that your presence will, in my opinion, indicate support for the Navy's use of white phosphorus and the Navy Warfare Testing Program which will, and I'm quoting the Navy press release, “…utilize mid- and high frequency active sonar sources and explosive detonations. These sonar and explosive sources will be utilized during Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Tracking Exercises, Mine Avoidance Training, Extended Echo Ranging and Improved Extended Echo Ranging (EER/IEER) events, Missile Exercises, Gunnery Exercises, Bombing Exercises, Sinking Exercises, and Mine Warfare Training..." The impact on marine mammals is potentially deadly, whales and dolphins beaching themselves to get away from the sound, their medium of communication. I am not anti military, but please consider what your presence on board the Nimitz ultimately represents.
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