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Tangela Mingo
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Thank You Diana Ross for being a secondary parental guidance..., for Micheal throughout the years,and for Micheal to have made a decision on choosiing you. His siblings have their own children to raise, not to say that they can't, but they also have careers too. Micheal made his choice. A great one I must say. Katherine is his birth mother, and all consideration is proper for her to be in charge. Micheal continue to sing your rhythms and let the heavenly thunders roar. And furthermore, any considerations by his siblings for the caring of Micheal's children most certainly would be favored by all of them, and that includes his father. His entire familly loved him, as well as the public. Let the man rest in peace and his choices stand. All of us will miss you Micheal Jackson! What else can we say, but LUV YA! Tangela Mingo, Miami, Florida.
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Camera..., action..., dance..., song..., Micheal Jacskon, the man of graceful elegance. Your rhythms will forever live, like the gigantic heavens. Make the heavens roar with your beautiful thunder. We LUV YA! Tangela Mingo, Miami, Florida.
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