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Some one sent me this video from the summer of 2009. Very disturbing. Is this what our country has become. Arab Festival 2009 - Sharia in America has more info
Pam, Great write up as usual. Get the word out. If you can come, Washington Thursday 12noon, Steps of the Capital. Call for Action "Keep your Hands off my Healthcare". Michelle Bachmann, John Voight will be there. Then find your congressman and pay him a visit... We have at least 3 buses from Long Island going.
I ordered by book yesterday from amazon. First time I preordered a book also. I agree 1.5 million don't seem a lot. But I am sure there is a reason for it.
Funny video. Pamela, thanks for posting it. I am going to spread it around..
Here are 4 videos from the 912 march on washington. Our Massapequa Tea Party group went. It was a great event. No one wanted to leave. I met so many people around the country. We made history... 1.8 million people.
Great write up. Sarah Palin is a Great American... The Best is yet to come... I have been following your blogs daily. Keep up the good work.
Pamela, Here is the video of your entire speech. There are other parts to the rally, that I will uploading...
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2009 on Long Island Tea Party! at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, I got your whole speach. I am posting it on youtube in a few minutes. I will give you the link. That guy was all over the place. I introduced myself to you after your speech. Hopefully you remember. Karen...
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2009 on Long Island Tea Party! at Atlas Shrugs