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Glad you enjoyed what you could of the game. Sorry about the reason you were called away, While I know these aren't your words you seem to approve of them. Brief interlude about the D&D game days: I love the Wizards does these things, because it helps build the gaming community in a number of ways. An obvious one is making it really easy for new players to give tabletop RPGs a try, but a less-obvious one that I don't hear people talk about is how fun it is for all of us who play, all over the world, to share our individual experiences playing the same characters in the same encounters. It's so fun to hear how some other party handled the rust monsters, for example, and how other players who chose Eomer decided to use his powers. This is reminiscent to the classic dungeons "everyone" had heard of, played, or read (Tomb of Horrors, Temple of Elemental Evil, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, etc.) back in the early days of the hobby. Perhaps one day WotC will capture that magic.
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