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I'm busy figuring out how I want to spend the rest of my life!
Interests: music, knitting, gardening, cooking, reading, photography, sewing, walking, fitness activities, traveling (but not camping)
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Sometimes . . . we don't need to change course. We should just take a page from your mother's book and go with the flow! XO
Toggle Commented yesterday on around here... at Morning Glory Studio
What a fun tea-surprise! Won't you have fun giving each new tea a try? So glad you're on the mend -- and BRAVO to you for returning to the scene of the "crime!" XO
Oh, no! It is so easy to fall . . . so much easier than you ever imagine. I'm glad you were not injured more seriously, and that kind people were on hand to help you up. I have taken a few tumbles myself this summer -- off my bike, slipping on a wet dock, and tripping over a poorly placed garden basket on my own patio porch! I hope your bruises and scratches heal quickly -- and you're out and about on your walks again soon. XOXO
I love my bees and butterflies! It gives me such joy to watch them buzzing/flitting around from flower to flower in my garden!
I enjoyed the company of Olive Kitteridge myself! A real no-nonsense kind of gal. . . Enjoy your Friday! (And I think deadheading is never really finished . . .) XO
Isn't deadheading the best? Always makes me feel lighter and ready for forward movement when I'm finished! XO
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2017 on spending the day... at Morning Glory Studio
I love Little Libraries! We have many here in Kalamazoo. If my house was on a busier street, I think I'd be tempted to "host" one myself! So glad you had such a pleasant walk. XO
A raining day once in a while is just the ticket for getting things accomplished! Hoping you've got some sunshine, though, today. XO
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2017 on sometimes mondays... at Morning Glory Studio
I have been waiting to see this one! XO
Wow! That's quite the weather story! So glad you and Norman stayed safe and dry. :-)
I love summer best of all ... but fall is my next favorite season. My August plans? Soaking up as much "summer" as I can . . . plus taking care of all the last-minute wedding plans for my daughter's September 2 wedding! XO
I really loved Olive Kitteridge. But I can't quite abide Santa . . . yet! :-)
I've been doing the BuJo thing for almost 2 years now -- and I love it. Mine is never going to be one of the ones that show up on Instagram, as it is always a working-BuJo (rather than an artsy-BuJo). I love how adaptable it is . . . to MY life and my way of organizing. I love to read about your journaling! You're an inspiration. XO
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2017 on collecting July 2017 at Morning Glory Studio
Hmmmm. My son is 25. . . :-)
Lovely! XO
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2017 on monday morning promise ... at Morning Glory Studio
I just love Louise Penny -- the whole Three Pines series is wonderful! Cute hat! It looks like a joy to knit. XO
I'm LOVIN' your take on July! Enjoy every moment! XO
Photo "journaling" at its best! :-)
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2017 on collecting june 2017... at Morning Glory Studio
You have the perfect formula for a lovely 4th of July celebration! :-) We just stay inside with the dogs during "fireworks" -- which last for days and days now. They hate it; we hate it. I used to love going to watch local fireworks displays when my kids were little, but we never go anymore. (I'm a regular 4th of July fireworks curmudgeon these days.) XO
A couple of years ago, I was tracking a package (Christmas presents!) that were making their way to my son in Colorado. For days and days and days, nothing chanaged with the tracking information. I was beside myself! And then . . . all of a sudden . . . it showed up on my son's doorstep! With never a tracking update. Such a mystery! Hope your package arrives this week. :-)
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2017 on it's in the mail... at Morning Glory Studio
What a lovely little garden! Sometimes inspiration simmers . . . but sometimes it heats up right away and you really can't ignore it. Can't wait to see what you do . . .
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2017 on inspiration... at Morning Glory Studio
Another lovely day! I love the way you spend June days. XO
What a great way to spend the day! (You're becoming my people-watching role model, Honoré!). My daughter always loved her Christmas jammies, and wore them year-round! (And, really. . . why not?) XO
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2017 on more rare june days... at Morning Glory Studio
It sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! I love your weaving project, and can't wait to see more. :-)
Happy Sunday, Honoré! Sounds like a wonderful Sunday for you. XO
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2017 on saturday morning... at Morning Glory Studio