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I'm busy figuring out how I want to spend the rest of my life!
Interests: music, knitting, gardening, cooking, reading, photography, sewing, walking, fitness activities, traveling (but not camping)
Recent Activity
What a lovely gathering of friends! Your new yellow scarf will bring much joy -- providing warmth in such a cheery color. Plus . . . made by a friend. Can't get much better than that. :-)
Oh, Honoré! That is the happiest quilt I've ever seen! Just wonderful! I would just LOVE seeing that every single day. Just The Best!
Sounds like a great day! (And is that dog a Newfoundland, maybe? They are very big, look like bears, and are oh-so-calm and friendly!)
What a lovely view -- and what a lovely way to begin each day! I hope you'll share more views -- of your garden in the season ahead, and your outdoor projects as they begin to take shape. XO
Oh, the sweetness of that photo! Happy Birthday, Dolly! XO
Oh, awesome! Making your own bias tape is so cool -- but tricky. You deserve a glass of wine . . . XO
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What a pretty journal -- and a perfect way to welcome spring! XO
I LOVE the Anne Lamott quote you used in your post! What a wonderful way to approach Spring. Here's to walking -- and enjoying every moment of the coming season. XO
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What a powerful post, Honoré! Thank you for sharing your story -- and thank you for the poem. Lovely. XO
What a great idea (journal club)! I'm a life-long journaler, but have never even thought about journaling as a group activity. I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing. XO
Love it! XO
No forsythia here yet . . . probably not for awhile yet. But we do have snowdrops (photo #2). I don't recognize the pink flowers (#3), though -- but they're a delight! Sometimes a walk -- and looking for the good -- is the best kind of "treatment" for what-ails-you. Thanks for sharing (and sorry about the fence).
Cosi is a cutie! (That collar. . . )
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I love Gretchen's BTB. I, too, have a set of notes from my first reading. I get them out now and again -- to see how I'm doing and review my own tendencies. I'm looking forward to her new book! March is such a promising month! XO
WOW! Look at all those blooms! :-) Despite our early spring, it'll still be a few weeks until we have anything that rivals your blooms.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2017 on where does the day go? at Morning Glory Studio
So glad you found one of the rotating stamps! They are so much fun!!! XO
True confession . . . my brain is packed with song lyrics and movie quotes. Sad, but true! :-) It sounds like you had a wonderful day -- and I love that little "cheers" sign. XO
Yes. This.
What a wonderful way to connect with friends! I have read many Alice Hoffman novels -- some I loved (Dovekeepers), while some . . . not so much (Faithful and Museum of Extraordinary Things). I find her to be very hit or miss (for me, at least), but I know many readers love each of her books. Happy reading!
I love your ceiling fan/lamp! (And your craft/art/studio/room looks like fun!)
The weather - and the signs of spring - were much the same here this weekend! Refreshing, to be sure (but a little unnerving, as well). XO
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You've described procrastination perfectly! Yes. I've got plenty of little, nagging projects that I really ought do (and actually want to do) . . . but not today. For me, the best way to move a project forward, is to do just what you did --- set a "deadline" and set up "accountability." (I can't wait to see your completed desk!) XO
Thanks for sharing your morning. And what a pleasant diversion -- connecting with a long-time friend! Lovely post.
Oooo! What fun! I just love surprises in the mail -- and especially inspiring surprises!