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Forget this Coventry thing, it looks like McCarty has more explaining to do,. The letter includes this report about the Office of Insurance Regulation's track record on rulemaking: “Unfortunately, this sort of illegal rulemaking has become the norm for the Office of Insurance Regulation. Forty-six Florida agencies have rules in force published in the Florida Administrative Code. The Office of Insurance Regulation is one sub-agency of one of those 46 agencies. The searchable online database of the Division of Administrative hearings shows that from 2004 through mid-May, 2009, there were 17 cases in which proposed rules of any Florida agency were declared unlawful by an administrative law judge. The single sub-agency, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, was the losing agency in 9 of the 17 cases. “The problem is further illustrated by the facts that, of the 23 cases since 2004 through mid-May 2009 in which proposed rules of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation are or have been challenged before an administrative law judge, the agency has never won a case. In 10 cases the proposed rules were declared unlawful by the judge. In 2 cases, the challenged proposed rules were voluntarily withdrawn by the OIR. One case was dismissed when OIR agreed to amendments to the proposed rule acceptable to the challenging party. In two cases, the OIR is presently considering changes to the proposed rule which the parties have indicated have a reasonable likelihood to resolve the case. Six cases were closed without a ruling. Two cases are being held in abeyance.”
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