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Congrats on your 10th anniversary! These days thats a lifetime! My hubs and I were married 9 years ago on October 7th. We are "Older" Married when he was 46 and I was 51.
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PS Congrats on your 10th 9th is October 7th this year. My hubby and I went to see Mission to Mars on our first date! We never miss reruns when we are home to watch and its like this...a rerun of TNG is better than a first run of most anything else!
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Hey I always thought Wesley was just misunderstood. He didn't really show any disrespect to anybody..he just knew what he knew and he just had to get it out! He was a kid for heaven sake! Kids don't always think about the chain of command! Yes the stuff he did was annoying, but he was a kid! On top of everything else he was a genius and he didn't think about manors and such!
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