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Dude, I am by no means a Michael Jordan fan. I didn't watch his speech, either, before I read your article. I was thinking, wow, what an *ss Jordan was for using the HOF speech to settle old scores and belittle people of his past. Then I watched the speech. It totally did not come off like you described. It was really one of the most honest induction speeches I've ever seen. We went up there and told the world what drove his notorious competitiveness. It was a small window into his mind-set during his basketball years. Yeh, he had some mis-guided opinions about the importance of "the organization" in terms of his team's successes. But, the speech as a whole was more tongue and cheek ribbing of old rivals, rather then back handed compliments. I guess thats the way it came off for me.
"According to draft express the spin compresses and you measure shorter at night than during the day," Why does it matter. These guys don't play in the morning. I'd rather know how tall they are at night, when they play...