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I'm get you SUCKERA
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soundmixer go back and read my post ... on the 1st page..
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Dave Leshner is a die hard canes basketball fan, & one of a small handful that really cares enough to go to all games & donate to the team. Lesh yelled at refs all the time at games & gave them hell as he was a big time cane hoop guy. The famous picture everybody sees of Donna shalala taking the check from Nevin was from Lucky strike bowling alley where Dave put together a fund raiser for the basketball team. Coincedentally, Lucky strike was also Nevin's weekend hang out on miami beach as he would watch all games there for his gambling & good friends with the owners. When Nevin got word about Dave's basketball fundraiser he showed up to try to befriend the basketball guys & jumped up during a speech Shalala was giving & handed her a 50K check. Shalala then looks like a bad person for taking his check, but she was as shocked as anybody when Nevin pulled the check move as nobody donated like that to the basketball team. That move was really done by Shapiro to upstage Leshner at his own event which he accomplished. Oh by the way he never paid the 50K as he was already in deep debt at that point. Fast forward to today. Nevin is rotting in jail & the only way he's been able to stay relevant is by throwing anybody he didn't like under the bus that was related to the U. Most recently it was Sean pee wee Allen his former manager that more than a year before Nevin got busted they fell out & hated each other. Nevin basically ruined Pee wee's life as the media image you've read about the kid is mostly inaccurate. He was a freaking ball boy for the football team that loved the U & Nevin was able to ruin his life by telling his side of the story from jail. Pee wee as a result has lost his job with the school & will go down as a pariah at the U instead of a guy who really loved the kids. I witnessed pee wee mentoring kids like Thearon collier his freshman year & making sure he knew of consequences of not following team rules/ or failed drug tests.
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The thing is that Nevin couldn't really compete with David's family money because Nevin didn't have close to their cash & was always jealous of them.
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Their suites were next to each other at the football game & there was always a sort of a silent competition so to speak to see who had more ballers in their suite & more of a bash in their suite with a window they shared that allowed them to see into each other's suite.
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Nevin Shapiro always wanted to be perceived as the top alum with all the connections & was jealous of anybody else who was buddies with football players etc. One booster who went to the U & was friends with a lot of the football team was Dave Leshner. Dave is a great guy who's very fortunate as his step dad hit it big after selling his aero space company. As a result Dave was a rich kid who Nevin was jealous of since he didn't like not being the only rich kid that had football buddies. Nevin & Dave always hated each other & were fake to each other when they saw each other because they were supposed to be out for the same cause the Canes.
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DEF: Perryman Off: Morris Freshman: Robert Lockhart Jr. Coach :McDonald
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So it seem Sean Allen is not a rat... Robinson some how attain his tape at Sharipo trial........ Yeah this guy has a AXE to grind with UM ...... ________________________ ### So what led to former equipment manager Sean Allen's testimony against UM, more of which came to light in Friday's Yahoo piece? Days before UM's part of the bankruptcy case was settled last December, Nevin Shapiro's attorney, Maria Elena Perez, subpoened Allen, eager to obtain incriminating information that would corroborate Shapiro's claims against UM. The deposition did nothing to advance the bankruptcy case - according to people directly involved - but Perez made sure the NCAA got the tape. (Whether she gave the tape of the deposition to Yahoo's Charles Robinson, as many suspect, has not been confirmed, though Perez told me previously how much she likes Robinson.) The bankruptcy trustee never even got a copy of the deposition, though an attorney for the trustee did listen in via conference call. Perez has not subpoenaed any former UM players. Read more here: _____________________________
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lol the Kid was sleep in the attic..lolz Now back to the Canes.... Curtis Porter Ray Bucannan McGee Regis Ray-Ray Time to Step UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Say a little prayer for the 6 year old kid in helium Ballon . When my lil girl came off the bus 2day I hug her so tight.. Remember there only 1 G.O.D..........Boss
Man the ESPN 360 Broadcast is Chop chop chop-p... If there no live broadcast then 4gotable Listen to JoeZ and DonB. yuck! Oh yeah Never trust a BIG BUTT AND A SMILE .
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Damn this Blog is awesome .. Uncle Luke IN DA HOUSE .... Don't worry I'm Not a Troll I'm Just a Big Canes FAn From Opa-Locka LiVe In Atlanta I Know LUKE.
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need help with this send pic,article links
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May 30, 2009
Hey Ira are you hearding Griffin will be a better player for OTHER gM'S are is this just another one of your Lame opinion...I bet the second comment is more accurated..Ever since Pat Riley ruff you up at one of the press CONF ...You have been on a I HATE THE HEAT /BEASLEY TOUR....GET THE F*** OVER UR self... LAST SEASON WAS A Improvement and I bet Pat /lil Spo will continue to build ..GOOD-DAY MATES